Kikibaby. asked: Im going to get cellphone from verizon because on the only supplier of mobile phone around here that REALLY get the service everywhere. I want to get unlimited texting and then redigo the month or whatever. I have to just know what the bill will cost monthly. Help please:] Thank you.

sumwinter13 asked: I have phone, Verizon Wireless and is getting very consumed. I've had for about year but I do not think that much harder longer. However, it is that we can get new phone before my contract ends biennial?

kayla_carpenter14 asked: I bought phone you're using the verizon and I want to go get him activated I want to know that what it cost when I go get active. I have to get new contract or not any history or whatever that with verizon. Help please!

super_to_the_junior asked: I don 't want to pay duty to put something ringtones above. Please also tell in case ringtones must be in particular provision. I have the accompanying music for the phone, but I chose not to have the Bluetooth. Thanks in advance.

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