casey s asked:  Whats the differences between an Iphone and the Iphone cloneA certain type is trying to sell clone released iphone for $ 400.00. Do people think that this is worth it? Setting Up Your iPhone Clone for Internet on AT&T – You bought an iPhone clone and now you want to use it on your […]

Username asked: I 'm that saves up money for iphone and when it is outside the Philippines? So moment in 2008, but I want to just be prepared, so in case its $ 499 in the United States because it will probably be in the Philippines?

subzero123098 asked: Realmente not understand how it works and how the program is going to come up As. Im planning sull'ottenere the new iphone that is emerging in July, single program but I want unlimited texting. That adds $ 20 but that include using the Internet? Significo which is the iphone. Youtube, facebook, etc., is […]

duped4thelasttime asked: Reminders about 3-4 years ago when Motorola Razr first came out? It was $ 500 and only available at Cingular. Now the phone is much lower and available assessed on each network. What are the chances the same thing will happen with the iPhone? I doubt that the price will fall so much […]

lulucrazyforboo asked: I have three phones and I want to cancell the contract? As ago has cost. I 'the VE have always heard that most companies charge $ 175.00, but the United States are different phone?

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