archery_girl247 asked: For example, I can enter into storage cell of the United States, buy Samsung SCH-a870 and get program paid for in advance? O is only available for the programmes 2 years that require contract?

Isabel asked: in case I buy the duo of pantech how can I make the program work with us phone? buy the roofing and buy the thing which operates cell phone phones from us?

Ann M asked: Have have some emails that I want to convey to my phone in the United States. Anyone can do this? I was watching more so sense send email to cell phone in the United States. The answer would be something like 10digit Anyone know in case this is right?

blagh8 asked: Currently I have phone in the United States and I know the United States doesn 'cellphone, and the use of SIM cards but I want t buy the U.S. different phone because what I have now sucks. My contract isn 't going to work exhale 2 years. Is there way I can transfer […]

Beau H asked: I have phone image and images that I want to get out and put onto the computer!

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