John S asked: Hello I am studying the possibility of buying CDMA phone unlocked but comes from another carrier and I know I can ignite it for use with cellular south. I was told that I could do it but I don 't know how. The South cellphone uses the GSM network does not CDMA […]

jgabes82 asked: I already have program with Cingular Wireless. I want to get new phone, but don ‘t want to pay taxes exorborant that charge them. I ‘the VE found that I can get phones released for the very best prices online, but I’ m not sure how to obtain the new development of the […]

barcan asked: II don 't travel to other countries or to foreign countries call so is it worth it? And in case he says you can use these elements bearing details of phones with this phone unlocked WHY?

nayr4life asked: APPROVAL what it means when I 'm buying an unlocked cell phone? I 'm notes that ebay and for the last week or so I 'VE examining the pearls 8100 and I really gradice Blackberry and my colleague has one and could not trovargli just complaint. Is there better cell phone that I […]

Scott84 asked: Hello, I have black pearl of berry that hatred, close it up continuously and the last of about 4 hours battery that seems. I want to buy an unlocked cell phone that has lifespan and battery life long. I found Sony Ericsson W810i in line for $ 220, but this phone has been […]

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