BabyT asked: I 'm who thinks to get & released V3i Dolce; Gabbana Razr on for T-Mobile but I have Cingular

melchiahrei asked: I'm about to buy an unlocked GSM phones really cheap from this place. phones are really cheap and come from store some too. Offer really nice. I intend to use the phone unlocked for verizon, t-mobile, sprint or probably Cingular. I have worked some choices yet. Now here is my question. The […]

♥lois c♥ ☺♥♥♥☺ asked: I was thinking of buying phone from one of these places and say that my sim card (since my razer) can be used in another phone… as Nokia phone that I was looking at. thank you

tope520 asked: 1. If I had to buy black jack Cingular Samsung out of the Internet would make difference in case I get unlocked or locked. I also Cingular

rchsky1987 asked: I 'm using Sony Ericsson K750i released in America, I 'm that question I can use it in my country (Vietnam) or not?

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