subzero123098 asked: Realmente not understand how it works and how the program is going to come up As. Im planning sull'ottenere the new iphone that is emerging in July, single program but I want unlimited texting. That adds $ 20 but that include using the Internet? Significo which is the iphone. Youtube, facebook, etc., is […]

Kikibaby. asked: Im going to get cellphone from verizon because on the only supplier of mobile phone around here that REALLY get the service everywhere. I want to get unlimited texting and then redigo the month or whatever. I have to just know what the bill will cost monthly. Help please:] Thank you.

Ian asked: I have to find mobile carrier that has unlimited Texting for low prices. The aid is appreciated! Thank you!

john asked: I am planning to buy new phone and I want to first check the characteristics of the phone. I'm not really looking for some excellent high and expensive but just as capable of having the purpose of call and texting necessary. also want cell that has received excellent signal quality and excellent sound. […]

arjayb0y asked: Im really planning to buy cellular PDA. My choice of number 1 is Sony Ericsson p990i but is there other best PDA phones out there? Ive heard that the defective reviews for the latest update of firmware for p990i. Here are the things I want to consider: — Functionality of — Possibility WLAN […]

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