Is It Possible To Call A Mobile Phone That Is Physically Next To Me, Without Knowing The Number Of That Phone

ibookboyuk asked: Chris Moyles and the team breakfast radio 1 BBC was giving suggestions and tips about using the text messaging mobile phone, such as the use of 'word' following, and & # 039; word 'previous year; in using the keys right dictionary of the phone (left bottom / top) and pressing and holding the … Read more

What Websites Can I Go To Download Free Things To My Mobile Phone

tiffanydyme asked: It 'bore the s and I'm looking for things to load free programs subject to my mobile phone. What ringtones, screensavers, communities chat, jokes / forward of sending text messages, jokes normal, horoscopes, alarms. All kinds of things that can be sent daily or weekly to my mobile phone. Anyone who knows anything?

I Address A Text Message From My Computer To A Cingular Cellphone

Andrew asked: I used to be able to send text messages from my office computer to pair of my friends who have phones, Cingular. Now those messages are restituendi as undeliverable. I tried to convey similar message to my own phone, Cingular and get the same message. Cingular has changed something in the department of … Read more