Sprint Mobile is launching Sanyo Incognito new cellphone by Sanyo with glow through keyboard and great multimedia functions. Sanyo Incognito is smartphone that will be distributed by Sprint starting in early December. The availability of vocation to reveal a QWERTY keyboard to write messages or notes and participation in social networking sites. Are in fact clients […]

Palm Pixi was launch on the 15 November with Sprint for price of about $ 100 with contract. I have reviewed the types of Wirefly for good with video unboxing / hands-on you after the jump we again alm Pixi was immediately considered the younger brother without scrolling Palm Pre since the style is undoubtedly […]

LG Rumor 2 is cell phone that has had much buzz about it on the web. Finally came the official announcement by the South Korean LG. This is low-end mobile media that will certainly not compete with the expensive phones like N96, N97, LG Arena, Samsung Omnia and many other phones on the market. LG […]

netgene asked: I'm about to switch the mobile telephone company and would like to have the fastest Internet on my phone. Also I am considering between the iPhone or I'm staying with Blackberry. Of the suggestions as to what is the best combination? I have available in my area (Florida), Tmobile, Cingular / At & […]

melchiahrei asked: I'm about to buy an unlocked GSM phones really cheap from this place. http://bestphones.atspace.com/unlockedphones.html phones are really cheap and come from store some too. Offer really nice. I intend to use the phone unlocked for verizon, t-mobile, sprint or probably Cingular. I have worked some choices yet. Now here is my question. The […]

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