Review On Y! 360 Of Item Not Otherwise Listed On Yahoo

bcschmerker asked: I recently had some experience of some new electronics, for example, Nokia 2865th PCS (MetroPCS and other providers of phone service using this device on their respective networks), which currently is not listed on Y! The purchase and would like to write review of these devices. How one does this in the absence … Read more

Can Anybody Explain Why US Cellphone Users Are Apparently Charged For Incoming Calls/texts

jimobasa asked: Here is BRITISH, is the person making the call or transmitting the text that is loaded. There is no charge to any person receiving the call or the text unless they are using their phone outside the United Kingdom (international that vague). On several occasions, friends in the United States have asked me … Read more

Is It True That Cellphones From Service Providers Are Set To Half Range

mayerj72 asked: I heard that the service providers govern cellular phones that offer range rather than half full. Since then turret that can assist more phones, but the receipt is also dramatically worse. Is that true? I have heard that mobile phones are regulated released full-range and then get the signal lot better.