DawnBug asked: My husband has phone that the company wants to add ringtones, but the company can ‘t be is billed for it, he has to pay them. So we need place that we can buy ringtones with credit card. It’s phone in the United States.

LisaOfLily asked: — Going with T-Mobile — Need phone with good reception in central NJ — Nothing equally imagination. Recently should be able to name the people, text bit and take some photos and listen to my music (no Internet was necessary) — Battery lifespan long — Indossi `t Please suggest something that you` t […]

cowgirl56932011 asked: I'm trying to save money on ringtones and then to my mother put some of its ringtones on my cell phone and we know that can be done with bluetooh but we don 't know how. Plus, we don 't want to erase randomly ringtones on his cellphone.

super_to_the_junior asked: I don 't want to pay duty to put something ringtones above. Please also tell in case ringtones must be in particular provision. I have the accompanying music for the phone, but I chose not to have the Bluetooth. Thanks in advance.

taelorcorey00 asked: I 'heard the VE much to speak of phones and switching its firmware provider' s al manufacturer 'S.I' the m. going to get Th new Sony Ericsson w580 with Rogers and I would like to get this out first calculated that did the deal. What exactly is unlocking? It means that unlocks all […]

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