Kari asked: I got just Motorala RAZR and portable video camera built is having problems. When I examine the videos, I can not ever hear anything. Is there certain kind of sense back sound?

Pop princess asked: Like new phone with features like camera, Bluetooth and other advanced features.

MissyMcG asked: I 'm who obtains new Razr from eBay, that 's unlocked… ago that media can buy ALL THE SIM card (paid in advance or not, etc.). by ALL carrier and it will work in your phone? AND PLEASE, explain this to me lot in terms of NON-tekkie. I don 't get this thing […]

estephania2182 asked: I bought razr from ebay and gradico lot. It works fine but I can 't access my tmobile in line with ringtones and wallpaper transfer from download

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