blagh8 asked: Currently I have phone in the United States and I know the United States doesn 'cellphone, and the use of SIM cards but I want t buy the U.S. different phone because what I have now sucks. My contract isn 't going to work exhale 2 years. Is there way I can transfer […]

Simon A asked: Each network has different numbers to be called or add to the number? How denominated your voicemail orange customer from landline phone or another mobile phone? What number you attack the number of voicemail that you wish to go to?

Poopsy asked: I 'the VE began temping reservation (as medical secretary) in private hospital that works to 3 doctors. I want to use my mobile phone so that staff can text me with questions, etc. and for me to text them back. The thing is, 'the VE offered no money for these calls / texts […]

rahimsmpsn asked: How can I make my phone my phone number of the house and not pay it.

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