hellraisersteve asked: What mobile phone welcome, whatever the cost, the affair today? Remebering most ppl now wants camera, video, an MP3 player and 3d access to their phone.

Simon A asked: Each network has different numbers to be called or add to the number? How denominated your voicemail orange customer from landline phone or another mobile phone? What number you attack the number of voicemail that you wish to go to?

Leo asked: Telephone regularly South Africa from the United Kingdom. I 'm the currently using that Telediscount with my expenses call and mobile phone resolves around 12p per minute (the Office of 4p for Telediscount tiny orange and the Office another 8p on top of that). Is there way most inexpensive of the call? I […]

chris/cuddles asked: in order to check your serial number of mobile phones. Key figures in the following on your phone * # 06 # afifteen digit code will appear on the screen. This number is unique to your phone / composed by hand annotilo and mantengalo safe. when your phone gets stolen, you can call […]

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