danny d asked: I 'that the VE has many problems to obtain mobile telephone on the contract, as friends, just really curious as to what percentage of people get turned down approximately ago when demand for mobile phone on contract

Kath asked: I just paid out contract mobile phone and obtained to maintain the phone. It is the 2 months Samsung U300 and I want to sell it because I bought new phone. I live in Melbourne, Australia and I incassarlo preferably somewhere in Melbourne. Or maybe I should do it online, any ideas?

EEZJD asked: I 'm the that moves again to S.U.A. and more will need or can not use my mobile phone BRITISH. Is there the sense that I can soon conclude my contract with 3?

Sam asked: I had enormous bills from my supplier of mobile phone and currents I just can 't allows you to keep up. Can I cancel the current contract (pay out the money they have) and start new contract with different supplier without suffering enormous expenditure? The company who are with three, can anyone tell […]

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