Micheal Shaprod asked: I 'm that designs and iphone coz im confused in case 'll of the deal here in the Philippines the iphone has been able to obtain the lock and can' t it unlocks. the same even in the United States.

Ketchup asked: I ‘m the that move to the Philippines in months and I must give an address to my telephone company that has no phone service so I can get out of my contract with them.

lsqc_lawrence10 asked: Im going to buy new phone so I need 12000pesos but how do I save money in the sense fastest here in PHILIPPINES.

♥ Yume ♥ asked: the 'M. not in the Philippines' m. in Puerto Rico and I want phone call to someone living there, what should compose the first in the number of phone?

Unknown012 asked: my programmes to buy phone from the United States can I unlock this to be used in the Philippines

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