The smartphone maker Palm has announced financial results for the fiscal first quarter, once again, tough period for the company. The company has invested in huge marketing budget and marketing of Pre to steal some market share to rivals iPhone and BlackBerry. Palm’s net loss increased to the $ 164.5 million or $ 1.17 per […]

arjayb0y asked: Im really planning to buy cellular PDA. My choice of number 1 is Sony Ericsson p990i but is there other best PDA phones out there? Ive heard that the defective reviews for the latest update of firmware for p990i. Here are the things I want to consider: — Functionality of — Possibility WLAN […]

peace asked: Hello everyone know which stores that sales have unlocked the cell phones? I know that the compusa sells phones unblocked, and also want to know are there any other deposits? I prefer to make my purchase by the entry into storage rather than buying online, even though I know the price that must […]

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