Best Cellphone For Me

LisaOfLily asked: — Going with T-Mobile — Need phone with good reception in central NJ — Nothing equally imagination. Recently should be able to name the people, text bit and take some photos and listen to my music (no Internet was necessary) — Battery lifespan long — Indossi `t Please suggest something that you` t … Read more

Which Is Best Cellphone In All Aspects

funky_dude asked: Hello I am IT Pro. It was to all the places that offer their revisions but just wanted arrivarla to review first-hand from all real users The camera usage of € ™ t, I donâ too often and not considered yellow leather and principal avid music is "of the styleâ €, the touch … Read more

Unlocked Cellphones, Sony Ericsson W810i Vs Motorola

Scott84 asked: Hello, I have black pearl of berry that hatred, close it up continuously and the last of about 4 hours battery that seems. I want to buy an unlocked cell phone that has lifespan and battery life long. I found Sony Ericsson W810i in line for $ 220, but this phone has been … Read more