We have already compared HTC HD2 with Motorola Milestone here, but in this post we will give you much more detailed review of HTC HD2 cellphone including its main pluses and shortages. The rear panel is largely occupied by the metal battery cover. It weighs only 20 grams, or 13% of the total weight of […]

ethweg asked: Now that AT & T will pay them to use another cellular network, which careers will be an option for the iphone? I think the answer is no because of technology, but it works with Verizon? Finally, I pray no comments on whether you like the iPhone or not. Please reply to question […]

allie asked: the 'the VE examining the Sony Ericsson w580i, but esaminante few revisions there seems to be problem with the keyboard

hellraisersteve asked: What mobile phone welcome, whatever the cost, the affair today? Remebering most ppl now wants camera, video, an MP3 player and 3d access to their phone.


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