duped4thelasttime asked: Reminders about 3-4 years ago when Motorola Razr first came out? It was $ 500 and only available at Cingular. Now the phone is much lower and available assessed on each network. What are the chances the same thing will happen with the iPhone? I doubt that the price will fall so much […]

sleep-deprived asked: They are due for refresher frm my business phone but I am satisfied with my phone so I was thinking Order of the phone and then to sell it online. The question is, work only on the phone THAT company 's service, or will be compatible with other companies? Its Motorola Razr V3, […]

Scott84 asked: Hello, I have black pearl of berry that hatred, close it up continuously and the last of about 4 hours battery that seems. I want to buy an unlocked cell phone that has lifespan and battery life long. I found Sony Ericsson W810i in line for $ 220, but this phone has been […]

Criss asked: Hello l

mayerj72 asked: Please don 't just says ebay. Be specific. I was well on ebay and there are many sellers there on that are straight out of you. The renewed sell or previously have used mobile phones and not make mention of that. I want to buy power from one place credible. Even I saw […]

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