lsqc_lawrence10 asked: Im going to buy new phone so I need 12000pesos but how do I save money in the sense fastest here in PHILIPPINES.

cowgirl56932011 asked: I'm trying to save money on ringtones and then to my mother put some of its ringtones on my cell phone and we know that can be done with bluetooh but we don 't know how. Plus, we don 't want to erase randomly ringtones on his cellphone.

Sam asked: I had enormous bills from my supplier of mobile phone and currents I just can 't allows you to keep up. Can I cancel the current contract (pay out the money they have) and start new contract with different supplier without suffering enormous expenditure? The company who are with three, can anyone tell […]

Poopsy asked: I 'the VE began temping reservation (as medical secretary) in private hospital that works to 3 doctors. I want to use my mobile phone so that staff can text me with questions, etc. and for me to text them back. The thing is, 'the VE offered no money for these calls / texts […]

Schmendrick asked: I have friend who says that makes good money in his spare time (in the halls of waiting, during sporting events, sit on the layer, even during bathroom breaks!) On his mobile phone. T € ™ of the wonâ tells me that what (I guess to keep competition down) but he said that […]

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