I have laptop to Dell E1505 and razor Motorola. I want to get the music on my phone. I have the itunes and Windows Media Player. Aid please!                                                          * Special K ~ Raider and Tom K,         When I put my razor and I go to my computer I took over the driver and […]

footballnerd999 asked: I understand the wifi and everything, but there is one thing I don 't get. Why did the apple storage of music iphone that you must be on wifi for accedergli? I know that the access board would be slower, but can 't really is justification. The board and the wifi use the […]

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LISA W asked: firmware silver 04.03.13 or version1.1.3 of 4d Iphone blocked once connected to itunes after the re-adjustments to the factory.

x_rubberduckie asked: On well-known review of phone, said this.:   Scheduled in software, Apple has limited the ROKR 'capacity of music s. Capable only required amount to 100 songs, the constraint imposed ensured Apple wouldn 't cannibalizza its own market dominant iPod. Given these limitations, the ROKR may hold only about 8 albums; enough just […]

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