Here is an overview of some of the main predictions and rumors about iPhone 5.I want to make it clear that these are still rumors and shouln’t be taken as facts. There haven’t been anything confirmed about iPhone 5 from Apple yet iPhone 5 Processor There is rumor that iPhone 5 will use A5 Dual […]

The mobile phone war has begun: Google has used the word superphone to present the Nexus One phone – the product that is supposed to break the monopoly of the market dominated by iPhone and Blackberry. The Nexus One is already sold to customers in the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong. In […]

The Nexus One was released on the 5th of January in 2010. The phone is sold through the Google website. According to the Nexus One Test,  this phones main benefit is that you can control it with only one hand instead using two hands like, when playing with iPhone. The price for an unlocked […]

For customers looking for an alternative to iPhone, AT & T may have found the perfect cellphone for them – the new Samsung Eternity. For customers seeking for an alternative to iPhone, AT & T may have found the perfect device, the new Samsung Eteity, mobile phone is already available through the American telephone giant. […]

With more than 100,000 iPhone applications available it can be difficult to strip out the right ones for you. While Apple offers several possibilities to search and find applications it can always be better. Chorus is free app for iPhone that can show you the applications that your friends are using. Chorus mashes together App […]

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