Can Anybody Explain Why US Cellphone Users Are Apparently Charged For Incoming Calls/texts

jimobasa asked: Here is BRITISH, is the person making the call or transmitting the text that is loaded. There is no charge to any person receiving the call or the text unless they are using their phone outside the United Kingdom (international that vague). On several occasions, friends in the United States have asked me … Read more

What Cellphone That Will Play A Recorded Message And Will Answer The Caller If Ever I’m Away

kelley282 asked: Hello, cellphone to buy in case they want to have recorded message that will answer in case ever ™ m. Iâ € of the way? I had Samsung SGH-N620 examination of which has characteristic of ANSWERPHONE. The phone has message item defect that automatically respond to calls received in case the permit. Chiederà … Read more