Which Of The Following Is NOT A Characteristic Shared By Cellular Respiration And Photosynthesis

Arpit A asked: A. Both the photosynthesis that the cellular respiration occur in the plant cells. B. Both processes generate adenosine triphosphate of the chemiosmosis. C. Both processes produce oxygen. D. Both processes use transport chain dell'elettrone located in membrane of organelles. E. One or more elements of electron are used in both processes.

Efficiently Memorize/learn Cellular Respiration

aneal138 asked: I'm taking the microbiology top and I'm taking organic chemistry I at the same time. I passed cellular respiration (glycolysis through the transport chain dell'elettrone) thouroughly in bio-I but did not include organic structures and enzymes that the teacher wants them hour power diagram from memory. Is there very efficient method to learn … Read more