archery_girl247 asked: For example, I can enter into storage cell of the United States, buy Samsung SCH-a870 and get program paid for in advance? O is only available for the programmes 2 years that require contract?

John S asked: Hello all. I want to know in case I buy CDMA phone that was used with another carrier is released but is there any way I could program it for south phone. I was put in touch with the South cellphone and said that they could not do it. I just wanted […]

Ian asked: I have to find mobile carrier that has unlimited Texting for low prices. The aid is appreciated! Thank you!

TheAllKnowingFizz asked: I have heard mixed reviews. verizon, Cingular, tmobile, alltel, sprint / nextel, centennial, it will be… who? I feel that business has tmobile some goods, but my experience with them the MI Western and nell'Ohio was receiving some pretty sub-equality. Of the suggestions?

aiwaxus asked: Why is it that when we buy ceelphone in the United States, we do not get unlocks? Why do phones must sit attached to carrier specific? What concerns the sense that trade is made in the United States? We can call our carrier to give us the codes of openness, but usually make […]

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