Why does my blackberry cellphone say OFF on the upper left hand corner? HELP please!:) 10points to best answer:)

Unknown_Undiscovered asked: Why is the Blackberry cellphone called Blackberry? Why can’t it be blueberry, raspberry, etc? Why? Why? can ‘t? blueberry? or cherry? or something?

Irish asked: I’m confused We have mobile phones GSM normal but we are thinking, thinking just to get Blackberry but what can we do exactly that with Blackberry can ‘t do? does with normal mobile phone?

netgene asked: I'm about to switch the mobile telephone company and would like to have the fastest Internet on my phone. Also I am considering between the iPhone or I'm staying with Blackberry. Of the suggestions as to what is the best combination? I have available in my area (Florida), Tmobile, Cingular / At & […]

hidetherumm asked: Hey, I 'm who obtains new phone. I 'VE had the same one since 2000 and I haven' t that pays attention to industry of cell phone at all. The 'wonder of M. which cell phone should achieve. The price does not matter. I 'm the more concerned about quality of connection, long […]

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