LisaOfLily asked: — Going with T-Mobile — Need phone with good reception in central NJ — Nothing equally imagination. Recently should be able to name the people, text bit and take some photos and listen to my music (no Internet was necessary) — Battery lifespan long — Indossi `t Please suggest something that you` t […]

TheAllKnowingFizz asked: I have heard mixed reviews. verizon, Cingular, tmobile, alltel, sprint / nextel, centennial, it will be… who? I feel that business has tmobile some goods, but my experience with them the MI Western and nell'Ohio was receiving some pretty sub-equality. Of the suggestions?

funky_dude asked: Hello I am IT Pro. It was to all the places that offer their revisions but just wanted arrivarla to review first-hand from all real users The camera usage of € ™ t, I donâ too often and not considered yellow leather and principal avid music is "of the styleâ €, the touch […]

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