Here is an overview of some of the main predictions and rumors about iPhone 5.I want to make it clear that these are still rumors and shouln’t be taken as facts. There haven’t been anything confirmed about iPhone 5 from Apple yet iPhone 5 Processor There is rumor that iPhone 5 will use A5 Dual […]

Google introduced yesterday their new touchscreen mobile phone, which uses their own operating system called Android. Android operating system is open source and it is also used by other mobile phone producers. Motorola for example. With this step, Google is trying to compete with Apple iPhone and conquer their piece of the smartphone market in […]

Apple has announced that the number of downloads in its App Store has reached two billion. Since the launch of the App Store has enjoyed incredible success. Apple has announced that its App Store for iPhone has reached new milestone. Less than six months after reaching one billion downloads of Apple may back new log […]

Blue boy asked: Apple will release 4-gigabyte iPhone and an 8-gigabyte iPhone in June 2007. I was planning on iPod for my birthday but this time I heard it the iPhone I left ansante. The suggested to wait and buy the iPhone, or should I get an iPod? I want to know how many songs […]

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hidetherumm asked: Hey, I 'm who obtains new phone. I 'VE had the same one since 2000 and I haven' t that pays attention to industry of cell phone at all. The 'wonder of M. which cell phone should achieve. The price does not matter. I 'm the more concerned about quality of connection, long […]

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