Interesting Android Apps

GOTO Android lockscreen Although not as customizable or modifiable among many screen lockin apps for Android, GOTO is very light, extremely quick to open and does not seem to cause problems or delays. One of the shortcomings of other similar software is in fact the delay in opening up: “bug” that shows the default Android … Read more

LG Optimus Q Review

LG Optimus Q is an Android smartphone that had lot of rumors  surrounding it before it was released last year. LG Optimus Q is among the high-end (and priced) smartphones like Google Nexus One and Motorola Droid. LG Optimus Q  is proof that the South Korean company is now working hard as member of the … Read more

Android 3.0 Review

This new version of the mobile operating system focuses on tablet devices and offers expanded support for cameras and improved navigation features. This means that the new version is totally different from the previous ones, especially in terms of graphics. In fact, the Honeycomb changes the interface completely, even the logo. It is completely new … Read more

Acer BeTouch E110 Review

Acer beTouch E110 is the smallest cellphone in Acer’s beTouch family. All the smartphones in the beTouch series focus on internet browsing experience as priority over other features. If you are looking for more professional or multimedia-oriented phones by Acer then you should really take look at their Liquid and neoTouch series smartphones. Acer beTouch … Read more