Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Review

With XPERIA ™ X1 you experience the joy of communication and entertainment in one. Choose an experience by simply the XPERIA ™ panel interface X1 touching. The QWERTY keyboard makes writing fast and easy.
Sony Ericsson Xperia Main Features

  • * Unique 9-panel interface for direct access to your favorite applications
  • * Large 3 “touch screen for optimal Internet and movie experience
  • * Extra QWERTY keyboard
  • * Windows Mobile 6.1
  • * Turbo 3G and WiFi for fast Internet and e-mail
  • * With aGPS find your way anywhere

The X1 looks beautiful, with its angular design and steel rim. Although bit heavy, is good in your hand. The only remark to the construction, the rear door, which sometimes becomes loose. The 3 inch screen shows sharp image. With 800×480 pixels, the highest resolution of all Windows Mobile devices on the market. The Touch HD coming to the market offers the same resolution but larger screen (3.8 inch).

Sony Ericsson X1 impresses especially with music and camera phones. With smart phones was still not much success. The P1 and M600i that perhaps bit cumbersome Symbian UIQ. The new Xperia X1 work with the many familiar Windows Mobile. The device is similar to the HTC Touch Pro, solid competitor. This is striking because this model of Sony Ericsson out of the factory is HTC.

All in all we are very satisfied with the X1. The design is beautiful, the equipment securely and above average endurance. The high resolution is good for browsing, but it has the disadvantage that texts are not the best to read. The manufacturer has also added little additional software, apart from the panel interface but little added value. Especially software is therefore difficult to retrieve.

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