Sony Ericsson W902 Review – A Good Walkman Phone

Sony Ericsson W902
Image by Virgile Fontain

Sony Ericsson W902 Review

Some phones are better in reality than in the picture. I had seen on the W902 picture many times, and thought it looked giant boring out, before I finally got it in my hand and discovered that it was really delicious. While others in my surroundings commented spontaneously that the phone is handsome.

The phone is also small and sleek and is well in hand. If it had been little rubber-like in the surface instead of hard plastic, it would have been perfect. The buttons are good and are comfortable pressing, but the size of the keys is probably the smallest I have ever seen on mobile, so W902 is probably nothing for people who need to start bifocals.

But enough about the look, let us turn on the phone. W902 is java mobile, which means that the software installed on your phone are fewer and more limited than on smartphone. In return, usually java phones are perceived as easier to use than smartphones.

When it comes to easy, there is in my opinion, no one surpasses Sony Ericsson. It has honed the traditional phone menu with quick buttons and main menu with nine choices to perfection. Take those small details that the smart phone when you start dialing number from the phonebook, the options that match the number, the phone asks in case you want new number in the phone book, or that it can hold one of the keys to come directly to the the letter in the phone book. These functions can also turn off and on the whims and fancies.

In return, the system may feel little slow in certain situations. In this phone, it mainly on the motion sensor that turns the screen for how to keep it. It may take few seconds for the phone to perform, and, it feels as in case it had gone faster in case I made it myself. Besides turning the screen used the motion sensor in the game Need for Speed can steer by tilting the phone, and in simpler step counting program.

But before we go in to your mobile other programs, perhaps we should take look at the music functions. For this is after all Walkman Mobile and Sony Ericsson are taking more money for mobiles, Walkman-stamp, which will be guarantee that cell phone provides superior music experience.

And, at least with the mobile standard, it is true. W902 has the latest version of the Walkman player, who with the possible exception of Iphones is the best you can get on mobile phone. Powerful support for playlists is, the volume can be adjusted in fine step, and the music fade in and out at the break tion.

The Walkman player comes to having special button on the top. I would liked to be when you press the walkman button again will be back where it was before, but that’s unfortunately not. The phone also has buttons on the side for volume, pause and to jump between songs.

Sony Ericsson is generous with the accessories. It ships with memory of 8 GB in the package. The supplied headphones are also among the best that comes with mobile phone, although I hear the difference immediately when I instead plug in my Sennheiser-deluding. This is done with the included adapter for 3.5 mm jack. Many hate adapter, but personally I have never understood why. It sits on the cord, takes no position and needed anyway in case I should speak on the phone with lurarna.

However, I can also irritate me on the headset connection is on the side of the cell phone instead of the bottom. Cable goes out sideways from the contact, making it hook that is made to stick in when you take the phone out of your pocket.

The camera is well-phone the other major selling point. Walkman and 5-megapixelkamera sounds like the perfect combination. But there is camera with dieting functionality compared to that of Sony Ericsson’s Cybershot phones. I will, alas, not particularly impressed by the image result. As so often mobile images good outdoors in good light, but indoors or outdoors grÃ¥mulen day for that matter, they quickly problems with the sharpness despite the extra strong photo light.

It is not bad camera, but not better than many 3.2-megapixel cameras. I belong to those who think that kameramobil should have the right lens cover, I always manage to put fingerprints on the lens with catastrophic images that result. After handling of the images, however, is excellent, with good overview with thumbnails in the photo album and the possibility that with one click send the image to Blogger.

The cell phone has turbo-3g, but as in many other new Sony Ericsson phones Berka be small si, and so to get the network to understand it. In which case it feels little rubbery mobile browser, even though the updated version is approaching Nokia in functionality.

What makes the phone feels well might instead mainly extra programs. They are small as bag of smågodis, each program might just add little to the experience, but the whole satisfactory.

First we have Walkman classics TrackID (to find out what song played at the gym or the diner with astonishing precision) and Sense Me (sort your songs by mood). Step counter, I have mentioned. Programs Music-Video and Photo-DJ provides good opportunities for media editing. Photo lamp can be used as reassuringly strong flashlight.

Accuweather is nice weather program, and YouTube mobile client works really well to view Youtube clips on mobile phones. Google Maps will give you maps and decent mobile positioning without GPS. Here you can also mention that the program for e-mail on mobile phones are among the best and most transparent available for mobiles. Too bad that there is no document reader attached office files, it needs smartphone.

It will probably not see this phone as the ultimate combination of music and kameramobil, but in case you want to have smooth Walkman with as many features as possible, this is good choice. My main objection is that the phone feels little slow, and also little unstable. During the time I test it happen to me out of various bugs, and several times the start of the phone itself. Children’s Diseases which will be fixed with software updates for sure, but still worth warning.

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  1. MY OPPINION: This is a very very good phone, with pretty good camera and very nice music experience. I think this phone can beat the 5310 and much other music phones, the CLEAR AUDIO EXPERIENCE provides an amazing musical quality, Trebles very very clear an the Bass……is very strong, my brain feels it.

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