Sony Ericsson W710i Review

Sony Ericsson w710i is nice and solid phone, equipped with rubber details.

Really great place for sporty person. There is fitness program that works with calories counter / pedometer and fitness plan. The walkman feature is toppertje, sound is very full and loud. You can join him at Speakers included and you can him by special belt around your upper arm / wrist or hip carry! Great sports phone.

It is not an easy phone to use. The menu is hard! There is no clear button to start calling (green horn is not) and the red button is gone. It is not as easy to navigate. A top phone use but you must have patience for that. Another negative point is the option for ring tones. There is not much and what state is actually not much.

This unit of the line Walkman is ideal for the practice of sports and attracts everyone with its beauty. The various resources are also strengths of the W710i.

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