Sony Ericsson W580i

Sony Ericsson W580i is an elegant, stylish and flexible mobile
phone with sliding keypad. W580i is typical mobile for those who want
a hip and modern mobile phone in the street – but it works for both the
active young people as well as older people, who are not good with using the newest tech gadgets. W580i is very good
music mobile.

W580i replaces your MP3 player by far, just as portable and with
music features that beats most.  It combines quality stereo
headset (headphones) and everything you may need to transfer music
to and from your computer directly to the purchase. Just to connect,
transfer and you can listen to music. With the shake-control function, which selects new song in the playlist when you shake the phone – seamlessly. You do not need to press buttons to change the song. For best
possible sound is also Mega Bass, which makes the W580i has at least as
good sound as the mp3 player at any time. Throw out your mp3 or iPod
and buy W580i Walkman instead – the future of mobile phone and music
player in one!

Sony Ericsson W580i pink

W580i 3G functions, camera and fast internet

All new Sony Ericsson phones have 3G enabled, which makes it a
pleasure to surf on their mobile telephone and prepaid cards. It works
just like on an ordinary computer with e-mail, browser and internet as well as very functional RSS reader which means that you never
have to miss single news from their favorite site. In addition to
Sony Ericsson W580i has great 3G functionality with the Internet so
there is also good camera that captures moments of sharpness รก la
regular digital camera. It can both record video, take regular short
and also makes it possible to have video calls via 3G. W580i has a
camera on the entire 2 mega pixels, which is in class with ordinary
digital cameras! Of course, it is easy to transfer images to their
computer or order printed copies to home. As in case that were not enough, the
W580i features easy way of photo blogging – take shot, press publish and you’re done! Perfect for the modern man who wants
to blog from their mobile phones and not just from their computer.
Anyone who buys W580i has blog.

Sony Ericsson W580i pink
Image by Virgile Fontaine via Flickr