Sony Ericsson W395 Review

Sony Ericsson introduces the brand new W395 Walkman cellphone. The Sony Ericsson W395 has large, powerful stereo speakers. W395 is aimed at young audience, which music is the key feature. In addition to the stereo speakers, there is the possibility of tuning up the volume on the Sony Ericsson HPM-64 headset with stereo widening.

The Sony Ericsson W395 is an affordable music phone that is equipped with special keys for music. FM radio and 1GB memory card make sure that the user of the Sony Ericsson W395 po kept informed of the latest hits. When the user of the Sony Ericsson W395 is not on the name of song he could easily use TrackID. When you on song, game, theme, ringtone or wallpaper to download, the Sony Ericsson W395 on PlayNow arena.

Sony Ericsson W395 is great music cellphone. Sony Ericsson of the youth market has ensured that the Sony Ericsson W395 with all the needs of young people respond. Even the price is quite affordable.

Ericsson W395 has 2 Megapixels digital camera. It is not the highest resolution, but id doest the job. The camera will it allow all the important moments and can be set via blog or Bluetooth can be shared.

Sony Ericsson W395 Features

  1. Powerful built-in stereo speakers with full bass
  2. Stereo headset with your phone music player and you are your own DJ
  3. A real music machine with the Walkman music player, TrackID and PlayNow
  4. TrackID quickly find your favorite songs
  5. With PlayNow arena you full range of mobile entertainment download
  6. The sharp 2.0-inch display show your photos in their full glory
  7. Support for motion gaming.

W395 Walkman phone

The Sony Ericsson W395 Walkman supports GSM / GPRS / EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 and is available from the end of first quarter in the colors and Blush Dusky Gray Titanium.

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  1. Yeah.. All of you are right friends..
    The problems all you’ve faced are true.
    No themes, hangs very frequently, and after a certain period of time you will find your games and applications have been deleted and you can’t install any more.

    Finally, its a failure model and my valuable advice to not to buy this phone. Its completely outdated. Good luck…

  2. Necesito un manual que espliquecomo bajar las fotos que no aparecen en el sistema cuando coloco el USB, es todo solo un manual de uso y soluciones de problemas. el telefono es bueno

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