Sony Ericsson W302 Review

Sony Ericsson W302 is new Walkman phone in the Sony Ericsson family. This phone has candybar design, measuring 100 x 46 x 10.5 mm for weight of 78 grams. The screen of the device is 2 ” large with resolution of 176 x 220 pixels and over 260,000 colors. W302 Review

The camera, has resolution of 2 megapixels.

Addressed to lovers of music, the W302 has an internal memory of 20 MB expandable with Memory Stick Micro (M2), of which 512 MB already included in the package. Songs can be governed by the Walkman player. The connectivity of the device is EDGE. There is the FM radio and Bluetooth. The battery, according to the manufacturer, allows 7 hours of talk time and 300 hours standby time.

Today’s technology consumers want everything. They no longer want just simple phone, which allows them to speak. Instead, people want their phones to be digital assistant, databases, music player and camera, just to name few. The Sony Ericsson W302 is great example of this new technology.

The phone features video and audio player with support for multiple formats, making it multimedia device in the round. To store the music files, there is 20 MB built-in memory and expandable M2 slot that supports up to 8 GB. In addition to storing music files, you can also listen to FM radio with this phone. There is also built in 2 megapixel digital camera, then take pictures and send them to others or to upload online is snap.

sony ericsson w302 review
Some other great features of the Sony Ericsson W302 include

* Wide choice of colored metallic finishes
* Optional mini speakers
* Memory Stick 512 MB
* PRICE affordable
* 2-inch screen
* 2.5x digital zoom for the camera
* Bluetooth stereo connection capacity

Sony has really captured the market with this new Walkman phone. It allows you to ten hours of playing time, so it’s great for people on the go. The phone is extremely lightweight and compact making it easy to carry.

W302 Unboxing Video

Not many other manufacturers have created phones like the Sony Ericsson W302, and even fewer were able to do so at price they can afford the majority of consumers. While this phone is not very friendly or Internet data, it is definitely good choice for the younger crowd.

For those wishing to upgrade their aging phone for something that can be used for listening to music as well, the Sony Ericsson W302 has great choice. Thin, easy to use and versatile. This phone to solve the problems of storing and listening to music, while having the phone together on the same device.

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