Sony Ericsson W205 Review

sony ericsson w205 reviewSony Ericsson W205 is solid slider Walkman mobile phone in the successful series. A separate mp3 player with this phone is totally unnecessary.

With superb sound quality and user-friendly interface for you to enjoy your favorite music. You hear song on the radio but you know the name? Using TrackID listening to your music device and the second within the right track display. With the 1.3 megapixel camera can shoot beautiful photos that you directly to your PC or communicate in Facebook.

Sony Ericsson W205 Video Review

The Black Sony Ericsson W205 is slider model so you can open it up and then sliding numeric keypad comes. This compact mobile phone has total size of 92 x 47 x 16mm and weight of 96 grams.

Furthermore, the W205 has 1.8 inch TFT color screen with more than 65,000 colors and resolution of 128 x 160 pixels. The internal memory is only 5MB. This may, however, via Memory Stick Micro (M2) be further extended so you have enough space to store many hours of music or hundreds of photos. transfer of these files, you can do it via Bluetooth, you can truly mobile through USB connection from PC sync. Finally, the standard battery that Sony Ericsson total standby time of 425 hours and talk time of 540 minutes.

Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman phone

Take your music outside with the new Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman. Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman phone brings the experience even closer and is ideal for those all recognizable features of the Sony Ericsson mobile phone will, but also to listen to music on.

Getting the best from your favorite music and radio with the Walkman player, FM radio and TrackID music recognition. The slider phone has full range of entertainment features and allows you to make playlists, so you at every opportunity have the right music. Let your music to your friends heard through Sony Ericsson W205 speaker function.

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Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman Phone Announced | Mobile Phone Reviews …

The new slider walkmanphone W205 from Sony Ericsson comes with complete package of entertainment features and the power to set up playlists to ensure you have the right music no matter the occasion. Sony Ericsson W205 Walkman Phone …

Sony Ericsson announces the W205 at Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog

Just when you thought that they couldn’t go cheaper than the W395, Sony Ericsson did it again! The W205, ladies and gentlemen, is the result. A Walkman.

Walkman di Sony Ericsson: W205 ed W205a

Ecco i due nuovi cellulari della gamma Walkman di Sony Ericsson, il W205 ed il W205a, l’unica differenza tra i due stà nel tipo di reti supportate: il W205 è destinato ad Europa ed Asia, mentre il W205a all’America. …

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  1. Wat a stupid bloooodddyy bullshittt phone from Sony Ericsson….Got so many issues in it. Humble request is to get a Nokia basic model for getting this waste one…

  2. This phone is one of the best music phone i ever saw.It gives very good sound display also very good and clear.for just 3,500 it is the best phone launched from ericsson.I previously used Nokia 5130xpress music and w205 serving me very better than that phone.Battery also good giving minimum 40 hrs battery backup even we listen music continously.Go for this phone if you want a good music editiom or planning to get xpresss music

  3. Hey umm can you guys please help me out. i got mine today and i dont know how to insert the memory card.. i know where it goes but it wont insert

  4. Hello friends ab jaan loge kya i bought it in 3800 and its fine as sound is g8 and pic are ok when seen in pc its having fm and wht more u want bluetooth its there so its ok and for 3800 i thnk more than enough nothing is free

  5. hi it is ok but i can not get to the musick on mobile memorey onley got it to day it is lode speker.

  6. hello ive had this fone for 6 months now nd its been in to the shop 4 times the shop has had it more then me has anyone else had a problem with texting and it sending all it boxes or not sending at all? please get back to me thanks x

  7. this is a very cool phone frm Sony Ericsson.
    Yeah i got some dissatisfaction from the company which is in a lot of publicity but still it is my first and best phone……Display is good….and what a sound…The Samsung star wifi has also lower sound from this phone….So please buy this phone……..

  8. Is there anyway of getting better battery life out of it? I mean you can buy phone’s for £10 these days capable of lasting a week on stand by, why is this such a feeble exception? Because other than that it’s a decent phone, particularly for the price.

  9. This phone has great audio quality and it is very loud but unfortunately you would not be able to save java apps on the m2 memory stick. And it does has a tendency to lag too but this phone is pretty good for what i paid for- around 60 euro with a free 2gb m2 memory stick. Camera is bad though.

  10. TERRIBLE. software errors, keeps freezing. if you like texting this phone isn’t for you. its very very slow and cant keep up even if you are not so fast at texting. predictive text is awful, words list is totally wrong. camera is rubbish so dont bother if you want it for pics. i’m lucky it keeps freezing or i wouldnt be able to take it back just because the phone is no good.

  11. I bought this phone because of its compact size and I like slider phones. The phone has great sound but the back casing scratches easily comparing to other phones. The battery is also very poor compared with the w350i. I bought the nokia 5130 music express, for a little more. A much better buy.

  12. Better than all the other cellphones in this range….GREAT features at a comparably CHEAPER price….although the display and camera quality is average; the great audio clarity and its awesome looks makes it a great buy for someone having a tifht budget…!!

  13. niiice phone for people who dont need newest stuff like internet and the most fast and beautiful games, you can download many games from internet who just work all though you cant save them on memory card without the update from the sony ericsson site, music works great and there is niice sound especially through ear phones its great sound , i like this phone verry much its just simpel and cheap, and works great for simpel users -=D

  14. don’t buy this phone it is really very very bad.
    battery backup is very very very poor even when u don’t use it.
    it gets lowered by its own. everything is fake about this phone accept sound.
    poor camera,
    poor memory internal as memory card memory doesn’t work for messages, games(installing),etc.
    so better don’t buy it.

  15. please help me out with the battery life of my new w205…how could i extend its charge???
    i just bought it about 3 days…i charged it for 3 hours (as the manual suggest) but when i used it for about an hour, its charge was down at 25%??what the heck!can someone help me out with this??

  16. When buying stuff definitely you have your own taste.

    good thing about this phone:
    – good design
    – good sound(definitely co’z it’s walkman)
    not just this unit. all unit of ericson has a
    good sound.
    – low price. i bought this at PHP 2,490.00.

    bad thing:
    – sometimes it hang.(limit the software you install)
    – camera is just 1.3 mega pixel.(no need to ask why this phone has a low quality image)
    – battery easily discharge. I guess this is the worst thing about this phone. You have to charge it everyday.:)

  17. i own dis fone..n i bet u dis 1 f d worst set i hav come across..poooooor battery life.. drains within an hour or two..u loose ur contacts very often..better 2 hav a bak up in memory card..n hangs up frequently..waste f gib\vin it 2 a servc guy..chrgn port nt proper gets damaged quickly..slow start up n d list goes on..pls pls pls nvr buy w205!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. i just bought mine a week ago. im so careful in handling it. i had’nt have any problem wid it so far, it hanged just once, my problem was the battery i think i charge it once in two days because i frequently have texts and calls. my other nokia phone has longer battery life. i hope i wont have any prob wid it.

  19. i love dis phone coz dis was presented by ma love and itz a precious one to me..really i love yup he is with me always…

  20. hey i need help! when ever im trying to record or capture with the camera it says that the phone memory is full! i have deleted everything in the phone memory plz help me !!!!!!!!!!!

  21. this phone is total shit when my clock ticks 12.00 in my phone the tower symbol goes down to emergency call mode …:( then i hav to swich off and switch on or make a manual search for network…:(

  22. piece of shit…bought 1 an got 1 free…an both phones don even switch on anymore…i hate sony erikson for life…hope the know that they lost me forever..its either nokia or BB

  23. everything negative that was said on this phone is TRUE!!! Sony lied about everything on this phone…battery life drains quickly, whatever happened to the 428 hours standby time and the 9 hours talk time? keeps hanging, even when playing music, the tracks skips, and best of all, it’s network busy all the time even with a different network sim. Does Sony expects the user to text during an emergency??!!

  24. This phone would be ok if the battery wasn’t so bloody terrible!! it only lasts a day sony ericsson lied about the 425 hours standby more like 25 hours.
    what a stitch up they should be sued the main reason I got this phone was because it was supposed to have a long battery life.

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