Sony Ericsson T715 Review

Today was the day that new Sony Ericsson announcement on the planning had. The Sony Ericsson T715 is today reality, tough and stylish slider that will gladden the middle with compact slider with many unprecedented opportunities.

Sony Ericsson this morning has new mid-range slider presented the T715.Hoewel clearly much attention is given to the appearance, the phone is as complete as you might expect modern phone. T

he unit has build on 2.2 inch screen, 3.2 megapixel camera with flash, UMTS, Bluetooth 2.0, FM radio, music player and microSD slot. This puts the Sony Ericsson line no longer their own Memory Stick Micro slot to use.

If your Sony Ericsson T715 is the first time would you say that it is device for starting mobile callers. Nothing is less true under the cover of this compact slider houses wide range of potential consumers of the mid-waiting. We start with the screen, which is standard 262,000 color screen with QVGA resolution (240 x 320 pixels). On the screen to choose themes that are from the start screen will walk.

Sony Ericsson T715 Hands-on

The Sony Ericsson T715 is available in September in the Netherlands in the colors and Rogue Galaxy Silver Pink.

T715 Specifications

  • – Battery
  • – Battery Charger
  • – Stereo portable handsfree
  • – Manual Optional accessories:
  • – Clip-on Bluetooth ™ Handsfree VH300
  • – Power Pack CPP-100
  • – Design Collection IDC-31 Side Court Case
  • Facts and figuresDimensions: 91.5 x 48 x 14.9 mmWeight: 96.5 grams

    Color: Galaxy Silver (piano finish), Rouge Pink (mirror finish)

    Main Display: 262,144 color TFT

    Resolution: 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)

    Dimensions: 2.2 inches

    Phone Memory: 90 MB

    Memory Card Support: SanDisk microSD ™

    Talk time GSM / GPRS: Up to 10 hours

    Standby time GSM / GPRS: Up to 400 hours

    Talk time UMTS: Up to 4 hours

    Standby time UMTS: Up to 350 hours

    Video Time: 3 hours


    3.2 megapixel camera

    Digital zoom up to 3.2 x

    Photo fix

    Send to internet

    Video recording

  • MusicAlbum artBluetooth ™ stereo (A2DP)



    Music tones (MP3/AAC)

    PlayNow ™

    TrackID ™ music recognition

  • WebAccess NetFront ™ Web browserBookmarks

    Search with Google ™ (from standby)

    Photo Feeds


Sony Ericsson To Release The T715 Slider In Q3 2009 … – Just the facts Sony Ericsson. The newly released T715 may not be all shiny and glittery like the other handsets launched this month and in months and days.

Sony Ericsson T715 Preview | QIP – Phone Arena previews the Sony Ericsson T715. It is stylish slider, which doesnt surprise with industry-first features, but still offers all the functions the general user needs. The key aspect of the phone is its ability to organize …

Web User: Most Wanted: Sony Ericsson T715 mobile phone – Sony Ericsson’s new T715 can help you keep on top of all your work and social commitments. Its smart desktop feature will send you direct reminders of appointments, notes and even birthdays as well.

104 thoughts on “Sony Ericsson T715 Review”

  1. I’ve had this phone for 3 months now.
    I used to charge the phone every couple of days, but now its every day. The camera is terrible. Every picture is blurry, even when standing as still as you possibly can. It’s like a toy phone. I’ll be getting another phone asap (RUBBISH)

    PS: I have a friend with the same phone who is having the same problems


  2. hi, i m very impressed by reviews of this fon on various sites…but i need to know does it supports 3rd party softwares and how is it for mail and browsing…for other thngs i know SE is the best…

  3. i got this phone last month. i must say it is a good phone but the only problem is that… when i ordered a memory card: 4 gig… i inserted it on the phone and when i take pictures it automatically disapears. i then go on the camera albums and it is not there. i switch my phone off then on and then it appears shortly then disapeares… i dont know the problem… is it either my phone or the memory card?! someone help please!

  4. I got it three months bak……working g8 and totally in love with it……….worth Rs 9500……camera and sound is too gud and its quite user friendly also.

  5. i got this phn a few days ago and last nite it ran out of battery. Its been charging all day and will not turn on =S HELP lol X

  6. See, thats the same problem i have but the opposite. When i turn my phone off to charge it, it won’t charge so i leave it on and charge it now lol

  7. I dont know why but for some reason when i take pictures with the phone it dissapears. I go to the camera album and it’s not there :S
    it’s so weird

  8. r u people aslo havg the problem of using jar files and rm files??? i had very gud experience wid w580i bt if it doesnt support rm and jar thn its useless:(

  9. Hiiii,
    Im looking for a new phone and really like the look of this one.
    Is it any good?
    Im a teenager n would this be a good one to have??
    please do reply. Thanks:)

  10. I bought this phone abt a week first i was impressed by its stunning looks n music clarity but then i realised the battery is terrible n photo clarity is bad!No matter how steady my hand is,the pic is almost always blurred!It’s very annoying..!aND TO TOP IT..I HAVE TO CHARGE MY PHONE EVERY DAY!
    Wil never recommend this phone to ANYBODY.

  11. This phone is good & very stylish. Its major problem though is the battery, have to charge it everyday which is very annoying coz you have to carry your charger everywhere you go.

  12. thz fone is a worst fone i evr cme across.camara flash is 2 irritatng 4 d eyes.batry lyf is bad.most of d tym my piece is wid d service center.

  13. On 1st jan 2010 I bought a Sony Ericsson T 715 on 10,000. On 2nd may 2010, i was unable to see any thing on the phone and after display the phone was unable to switch on. I went to sony coustomer service center but after one month I got the phone without any change with a comments that this phone is not repairable. I felt very bad after paying so much and a reputed sony brand. this type of impression was not invited from this big firm. I showed this phone to a local reparing rep and after inspecting this phone he told me that all the function of this phone is not working I was surprise that how it it possible that all the part like mike, speaker, display are not working. this means that when i gave this phone to Authorised Service Centre, they changed all the parts from my phone. A very bad impression. I am surprise to know that the ordinary phone repair shop repaired by phone in only Rs 1500. Praveen Kumar

  14. nice phone…..the concept is really very nice n the price is very economical…. overall a must have gadget……go get it……………

  15. good phone but when you open the contacts,, it says Locked by another application,cannot access contact now, I do not know why.

  16. Aloy……I have the same problem currently…HELP! Had a few S-E phones now and generally very happy, but this T715 is the worst phone I have ever had!

  17. i gt my phone nearly 1 yr back nd it has been wit me 4 8-9 months nd rest of d tym it remains in d serv. centre….
    they take 1 month 4 repairin d phn. nd aftr 15-20 days i get another problem..
    basic problem of dis phn. z it’s chargin problem
    am fed up of dis phn nd considerin of resalin it nd buy another fone bt not sony ericsson
    not ever.
    coz it’s d worst service i hv ever recieved,…
    all in all a bad phn 2 hv….
    i request every1 plzzzzzzzzz don’t go 4 dis phn….:(
    coz am repentin my decision 4 buyin dis phn :'(

  18. Crap phone, been replaced once both broke, returned 5 times, not worth the time or hastle if you ask me, battery life crap!

  19. I LOVE SONY !
    for the simple lovers, basic, fast, clear, nice features,
    very device has its pro’s and cons… just can you live with it.. we do not live in a perfect world…

    but i love my simple phone i dont expect to much out of it…

    i dont know why ppl bash and complain and talk abouth the Xeria device is better ! well duh it its a smart phone that offers more..
    PPL lets keep it simple. this is a web site of reviews not ” incept usless complaints” thank you 😉

  20. Dont fall for the looks….the worst phone I have ever seen…..receptions pathetic……very delicate……the scren goes blank very often….battery life is hopeless……it has all the bad points……

  21. absoultely awful phone…freezes when taking pictures on to a memory card, when it does kick back in to action all the data from the memory card goes missing for some reason until you restart it, and when on again the photo youve just taken before it froze isnt saved! had it replaced 4 times in the 1st month because of this and each 1 did the same. also the proprietary se charger/headphone port is crap, after a bit of use, the connection quality goes, so much that now i cant even get it to charge unless i hold the plug in tightly, which seeing as i have it on charge overnight, is not very practicable. will not be buying sony ericsson again




    PS. To all the ppl that write reviews : dont say negative comments example : this phone sucks ” and not write why.
    this is a website for reviews !

    even tho its not a smart phone it does smart things. i dont expect much to come out of this phone. i was suprised that it had alot of features….

    as for the battery life all device now come with a cheap battery. since now we dont use our phone for just calling we use it as a entertaiment pass time.

    as for the call quality i wish it was better. my older sony phone the call quality was clear and loud.. this phone is not that loud.. but it is wind ressistante good for ppl on the go and talking on the phone.

  23. i really want to know if it is good or bad coz i look dat loads of re views but they all say it is 4 out of 5 stars so in what way is it bad???

  24. @ Praveen Kumar
    September 14th, 2010

    T715 is not as such bad; however Sony customer service is too bad making it worse. Obviously never compare a Nokia phone with any other brand. No one can match Nokia in its league.


  26. this is vary worst set…ill suggest not to go for this set.
    my kind request to all will be pls change brand.. don’t go for Sony phones. They have vary bad after sale service. Non of the Sony employee is committed. You wont get your cell phone on the given date from service centers. company is going to discontinue many of their models due to non availability of part.retailers are also not showing interest for the Sony Ericson cell phones send for service. I am suffering a lot due to Sony Cell Phones.Sony Ericson cell phone models like T715, Zylo or the slider phones have major problems.. so i suggest you or request you not to buy those phones but try some other brand.

  27. i have a problem with this cell because my ship dont work on sony ericsson t715 but i use the ship on iphone and is working i dont know what i have todo i need help

  28. it is the world’s worst ph!!! in the last 4 months i hav visited the sony centre more than 10 times! jus sick of it, nt sure if i got a defective piece or all of em r lik tht! hw cn u mak a ph lik this n sell it for 9000!!! its display goes every 2nd day for no reasn! n the graphics becms wierd, n after repairin it lasts only for max 10 days m tired of this ph!!!! stp makin n sellin these kind of phones!!!!

  29. atfer 6 month this phone is very difficule to charge may connection or ????? some time this block out the screen this happen not my also my friend

  30. I am irritated with this mobile to the peak level. I loved this pink color and bought vtout thinking any reviews.To capture a photo, v should keep the mobile steady vtout shaking even for 1mm which is very difficult. so all most all the photoes wont b clear.Display problem occured after 6 months. Now after using for 1 year by suffering I planned to exchange as again got display problme, charger slot problem.Head phones are not working from 3rd month. Really cute n lovable mobile until v get problem. But once u get a problem it seems to be stupid mobile as v dont hv proper servicing centre.

  31. Within 1 year T715 started having problems with the headphone and charger jack (same in this mobile) submitted the phone in sony centre they charged 800 rs for the same ,again after 3 months the mobile got corrupted including screen, keypad buttons,software nothing was working at all. Again submitted the phone to sony centre this time they charged 2000 rs and returned the mobile yesterday after taking 2 weeks to get the repair done. Today again some problem (voice is not coming).
    Do not recommend T715 to any one looking for sony mobiles. Worst phone.
    Worst service , Even under warranty service centre guys charge the customers. PLZ be aware sony Mobiles Sucks ……..and customer care is of no use.
    Really pissed of from this mobile……..

  32. within 3 months i started having problems with the phone.From last 2 1/2 months the hand set is with the company.Same reply received when ever i have called up the customer care,” will require 10 more days”.God only kmows what they do with the hand set.. will never buy any thing from the company/brand SONY.. Planning to hire a lawyer..Please do not buy anything- phones, laptops,cameras bad company,bad service..

  33. pls dont go for sony erricson T715.
    within 4 months the phone’s port was not working fine and when given for servicing under warranty, they take more than a month saying that parts are not in india and has to be got from abroad… mother board has to be changed.. etc
    u will suffer if u buy this phone.



    Call quality sucks. The caller can’t hear my voice, meaning the mic fell out of place inside the phone or something, and now it won’t even turn on. Just beeps, lights up and the screen stays black. It’s complete junk. Fragile and problematic, for sure. And as I read, the battery life is terrible. Probably why it won’t even turn on anymore, even though I haven’t dropped it once. No scratches, but it won’t even charge anymore.


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