Currently one of the most popular models on the market appeared and surrounded with high expectations is the first ever Sony Ericsson K800i Cybershot mobile phone from Sony Ericsson. Together with the K790i are free UMTS brother new step in line with models specially fixated on camera phones.

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The camera phone is not something new. Nokia saw people already agree that the N90 soon as successor is in the form of the N93. In addition, the N73 scenes in which the successor to the N70 will be. Both are aimed at superb camera quality and possess 3.2 Mega pixel Carl Zeiss lens. The last descendant camera phone is the new LG KG920, the most particular of the set, because the device contains 5.0 Mpixel camera. Something that never shows on the European market.

All four models will be compared with each other in the coming weeks. It will be full review by which phone has the best quality camera and the camera phone is best. Within the current review will only K800i discussed. Here and there will be some references to the N73, N93 and KG920. The full review can be found here comparison is not yet back.

The difference between the K790i and K800i will already be described. The K790i has, in contrast to the K800i no 3G/UMTS rights and thus no camera for video on the front. However, EDGE is present in the K790i, which probably only in Belgium on the market will appear.

What’s in the unit?
The unit is richly endowed with accessories. The box in which the unit was supplied by Sony Ericsson is the official package. The contents of the box is what is discussed below:

– Unit
– Battery (900 mAh)
– Capture
– Stereo Headset + reserve caps
– USB Cable
– Rope
– 512 MB Memory Stick Micro M2 (Only with KPN locked model)
– Memory Stick Micro M2 + converter storage case
– CD-ROM with PC Suite
– English manual and Quick guide
– Dutch manual and Quick Start Guide
– SAR Information and Service and Support booklet
– Explanation battery cover
– Conditions PlayNow
– Accessories booklet

Over the phone, battery and charger little more special, except that the charger now on the connector has an additional input for probably the cable or other accessory. The headset is good quality when listening to the radio or MP3 files and looks very good. Men get special covers on the earbuds supplied to them. On the headset is also recording button, which ensures the speech recognition and recording of conversation or hang up. The cable is good solid cable that is used to the device to be connected to PC or Mac. The unit load through the cable is possible and supported through the interface port on the device USB 2.0 and that is very neatly.

The included memory card is 64 MB Memory Stick Micro M2 for Sony. 1 GB memory cards to be accepted by the device. The disadvantage of the Memory Stick Micro memory card is the price and speed of the card. SD and Mini-SD cards are many times faster than Memory Stick Micro and it is also true that the new small micro card is not directly available anywhere as good will in large sizes.

On the PC Suite software CD is all that is required. The contents of the software is more supply in the review, but there can now be reported that at least in this case is just stored and shipped in the box.

The conclusion on the accessories package that is very good at it all together. Many brands do it less and Sony Ericsson shows its true nature by absolute in this way the package. Quite nicely!

The first reactions were not very well during the launch of the K800i. The appearance of the new device is not direct one with lot of words talking about. The rather large and plump whole comes across as ripe, old businessman with fat cigar. Something that was already reported during the review of the W810i, which is more like playful pup to be seen.

No, the K800i has not his looks and it will not after glance to be in love. All must be said that the unit as it feels better used and matches. The business approach which was acquired by the metal accents and contrasting colors and chic commercial look back where it should take.

The materials used are good and give back exactly what the K800i should propose. The absence of kraakjes is striking. Sony Ericsson seems to have resolved this after the W810i. The biggest blot on the appearance and construction is the central joystick. This will pose questions in advance with dust between the button will sit. Also, the edges of the central control button quite sharp and feels the operation is not good.

It now looks out over the whole apparatus will fall over number of things. The first is the front with the sublime screen. Above the screen is the speaker placed with the camera for video calls. They are flanked by two keystrokes used during the operation of the camera or playing game. Under the screen is cluster placed with the central button which is flanked by six shortcuts, which each have specific function.

The keyboard is easy to operate. The keys are just bit loose and it is more difficult than in the SMS W810i, which had separaatgeplaatste keys. On the backlight of the entire keyboard is good. The light shines in the middle what better than to the side, but that is more common. The color is blue and just give that extra to the unit it.

Under the unit is the interface port place for the headset, charger and data cable. The new connector works well and gives no problems. In addition to the port are an eye for the cord and placed the microphone. On the right side of the unit are the infaroodpoort, camera button and volume buttons placed. Especially the latter are flat and are just really easy to operate. Slightly more relief on the keys had been, however.

On the left one finds the music button that has the same problem as the volume buttons and memory card slot that can be opened only with fair amount of force. The memory card slot offers space for Memory Stick Micro (M2) memory cards. A new type sold on the M600i, K800i and K610i first applied. Other devices with this type of memory cards will follow in the coming period.

The back is the last part, that is placed external speaker who is flanked by sliding the camera and xenon flash. The slide may be placed below the camera in the K800i is activated. Behind the flap are the camera lens and self portrait mirror. The movement of sliding is mature and tidy. The expectation is that no problems will arise with this new slide.

Overall, the K800i strongly built and feels good in terms of the unit construction. The appearance is something that can be twisted, but as it grows device used increasingly to someone. The color plays them.

A number smetjes on the whole, the central joystick which is expected to be problem area. In addition, there are the shortcuts on the sides of the device that simply can not be served.

The loading of the device will cost around two hours at this unit and that is not really long or short. Just reasonable. The handset can charge via the supplied cable (USB charging) or via the standard charger, which has received new connector. This can no longer use older accessories.

The device has fairly good stamina. During the testing of the device has two weeks to three times the charger hung. The first time was for the loading, the last time was to charge and then send the unit. Quite nicely so that the device is properly placed. A day or four without charge is certainly possible. It is also MP3 or radio, they occasionally shoot picture with the camera and create new message or has short conversation then of course it all little less. Especially the use of the MP3 player, camera flash and the UMTS connection shall ensure that the unit less time to use. Is the K800i only as an MP3 player and the phone function is turned off, then the unit to about 30 hours on charge. Not bad specification.

Sony Ericsson together with Nokia is always high qua belkwaliteit. In advance should not otherwise be expected from the K800i that this is no different, but unfortunately, the device is not always the high honor. The quality is compared with Nokia N80 and LG KG920 it appeared that contacts be called the quality of the K800i better than that of the KG920 and equivalent to the N80.

In terms of video, the K800i is also certain. The camera on that front has the sole purpose and can not be used for making pictures. The quality of the video are quite good and do well. A new feature has been added to the K800i, which allows photos to show and share with the person on the other side of the line. During the conduct of the video shows, for example, vacation photos. A very fun and innovative feature.

The standard supplied headset does good job, and when the big connector in the unit is automatically put the (customizable) profile, “Portable Handsfree ‘activated. The K800i offers voice dialing for approximately thirty names and limited voice command: accept and reject any calls through voice command is among the possibilities. The function works very well and simple.

In standby mode, the left softkey (Call) access to the complete interview summary. This screen is evident from the custom user interface where tabs are used. The use of such tabs is not new; Ericsson in older models even though they came for. The interview survey consists of four magazines: All, Outgoing, Missed and Answered. All conversations are conducted with the K800i shown are classified. Other information regarding conversations can be found under the Settings icon on the tab Conversations. Here are several counters placed next to the duration and cost of the calls are sent here the number of SMS and MMS messages received and the amount of data recorded. All counters are obviously to zero, all individually and simultaneously.

The K800i has polyphonic ringtones with up to 72 channels via the speaker on the back. The unit recognizes multiple formats, the most important (MIDI, MP3, WAV and IMY) are supported. The quality of the presentation is certainly good, but sounds Scheller than Samsung or Nokia handset. Later, the speaker in relation to the playback of MP3 files will be discussed. Ringtones are other via Bluetooth, infrared and email easily from the PC over to the device and vice versa.