Sony Ericsson Aino Software Problems

Sony Ericsson confirms the existence of problems in one second model of their smartphones, which the company has based its strategy for return to the path of profits next year. sony ericsson aino problems

A spokesman for the world fourth largest manufacturer of mobile phones, admitted that “a number of users of the new smartphone Sony Ericsson Aino had experienced problems using the touch screen.” Obviously we’re working as fast as possible to resolve (the problem), “Sony Ericsson Mattias Holm said the spokesman.

He also assured that “Aino sold in limited quantities in the UK, so this problem only affects very small number of customers.”

Earlier this week, Carphone Warehouse, Europe’s biggest seller of mobile phones, temporarily withdrew the smartphone from Sony Ericsson Satio also due to software problem.

Holm said the software problems had affected only small number of customers in Britain and had not damaged the Sony Ericsson brand.

“At the moment we see no harm or damage caused,” said Holm. “It’s an issue that affects only contained small number of consumers.”

Aino is the development of Sony Ericsson to return to profits.

Success in the smartphone market is key element in the master plan Bert Nordberg. Smartphones with advanced mobile Internet and network functions, have been bright spot in the mobile phone market has been depressed in the past year.

While mobile phone makers have been hurt by the global crisis, Sony Ericsson has also suffered because it lacked an offer to rival smartphone, which is the Apple iPhone.

Sony Ericsson loss was 199 million euros in the third quarter and has not made any profit since the first quarter of 2008.

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  1. I bought a Sony Ericsson Satio 2 weeks ago, i made a mistake of not reading reviews about this phone, its a nuisance, didnt want to switch on, took it back and got a new one yesterday, same problem, Sony really messed up with this phone, i was beginning to like Sony phones but after this nightmare of a phone, i’m really doubting their abilities now, i’m disapointed and irritated at the same time, i’m taking this phone back and dont want anything to do with Sony Ericsson phones anymore.

  2. Hi guys,

    i purchased sony Aino two weeks back, i m experiencing hear phones issue, i m not able to get the sound clarity….which i was getting in my sony w800i…pls give me suggestion..???

  3. I purchased an Aino half a year ago, and it works just great. I didn’t encounter any problems mentioned, thankfully. Keep doing your best, Sony Ericsson, i have always loved your products! 🙂


  5. I am experiencing problems with my Aino. Sometimes when people call me they cant get thru and at the same time i cannot make calls. i have to siwtch phone off and back on again to be able to call. And when I try to switch on again, I have to do this after after 5 attempts to get phone on again

    Its not a network problem as I have a another phone which is on the same network when this happens and which is fine

    please advise

  6. i have my sony aino for 8 months now, but now i’m experiencing malfunction on touch gallery, i can’t access it, also on my games and applications and my bluetooth is permanently on,there’s no option for turning it off. i can’t also access my file transfer folder.. what happened to my phone? why it suddenly act that way.. someone help me figure out how to fix it.. thanks in advance

  7. Granville.. i had the same problem, maybe it’s a network coverage problem or with the sim itself. but if you tried your sim on another phone it probably the phone problem.
    i have my sony aino for less then a month and
    i had a problem with the network coverage since i bought it. i took it back to the company (1 year warrenty) and it’s perfect now. but the main problem i’m facing now is that the pictures are mixed with the camera album pictures. if some one knows how to fix it tell me ,please. thank you

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