Sonim XP 3.20 Review

We were introduced to you long time ago, the Sonim XP Mobile Phone from the rugged area of mobile phones in one of our reviews and after some followers of the newest model of mobile phones will appear in the form of Sonim XP3.20 quest.

Sonim xp3.20 quest

This is exactly like the previous protected against innumerable dangers in everyday life and the equipment includes 2 megapixel camera, an FM radio and an integrated MP3 player. This of course followed by the usual advanced phone features and the Sonim XP3.20 quest is already over shops on the internet at price starting from 329 euros and upwards .

In addition, there are also little video review of the Rugged cell phone, which you can watch Sonim XP 3.20 Quest video review directly in the post here.

Sonim XP3.20 Applications

Besides the robust housing, the Sonim XP3.20 Quest Black also has some nice fun applications. Thus, this phone features 2.0 megapixel camera. This therefore makes it possible to always and everywhere picture of special moments. This also has Sonim about A-GPS so you can now always the way will find.

Sonim xp3 review

Sonim XP3.20 Quest Specifications

The Sonim XP3.20 Quest is called candybar model. About exact size is unknown. What we do know is that this phone with color screen. Sonim also has Bluetooth and WAP. The extra loud speakers are also very useful. Finally, this mobile phone powerful battery which ensures that the device has talk time of 18 hours and standby time of up to 2 months.

Weight 140 grams
Standby time 220 hours
Talk time 330 minutes
Frequency n / a
Fri Simlock yes
FM Radio No
MP3 Player Yes
Infrared NO
Modem Yes
Bluetooth Yes
UMTS yes
Email Yes
Internet Yes
Color display 65536 colors yes
No expandable memory
Ja 2.0 Megapixel camera with flash
Camcorder No
Dimensions (L / B / d) 118 x 56 x 24

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