Snapdragon Processors On HTC And Acer

Snapdragon jumps aboard HTC and Acer
Chip Qualcomm 1GHz could push even the smartphone of the two brands in Taiwan. With onboard Windows Mobile 6.5. ARM also working on other brands in Asia.
After the debut of Toshiba TG01, the thousand megahertz chip Qualcomm Snapdragon animate short, the new Acer smartphone and HTC. This was revealed by DigiTimes, which states that both the Taiwanese manufacturers have in plan to launch smartphone based on Snapdragon in the autumn.

Acer’s model will be called F1, will run Windows Mobile 6.5 and will come on the market to coincide with the official launch of the new mobile operating system from Microsoft, scheduled for 6 October. The F1 will have 3.8-inch touch screen, 5 megapixel camera and support now standard features such as WiFi (but the presence of the 802.11n standard is still in doubt) and GPS. Its price, in Taiwan, will be 18 thousand local dollars (about 380 euros).

1GHz signed HTC smartphone, whose model name is not yet known, will boast 4.3 inch screen monster from well (something more than the 4.1 inches of TG01) and capacitive type touch screen technology. As the F1 will have 5 megapixel camera and will run Windows Mobile 6.5. The device will also be accompanied by acceleration sensors, light and proximity. Still no indication on price and month of release.
According to DigiTimes, among other Taiwanese manufacturers who are developing Snapdragon-based Smartphones are Asus and Inventec Appliances.

The system-on-chip Snapdragon family can go up to 1.5 GHz, providing support for high definition video (720p) and 3D graphics, and can drive displays with dimensions up to 12 inches and resolution of 1440 x 900 pixels. In addition to smartphones, wooed Snapdragon MID and netbook: To promote its new ARM-based platform in this area Qualcomm has recently introduced new category of mini notebooks, called SmartBook characterized by autonomy of at least 12 hours, 3G connectivity, integrated particularly aggressive price.

About snapdragon

Snapdragon is an ARM-architecture platform developed by Qualcomm to supply mobile computer. It is designed for real-time ubiquitous computing with low power for day-long battery life. The first releases of the snapdragon QSD8650 and QSD8250 available since 4Q2008, both the integration of January 1 GHz processor and applications including cellular modem and GPS.

The snapdragon application processor called Scorpion and voltage is similar to the ARM Cortex-A8 core.

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