Sanyo Mirro Review

A new mobile phone is available by Sprint again – it is called Sanyo Mirro.

We knew the time would come on the market the first November and it’s nice to see that the U.S. CDMA operator has kept its promise and has actually issued daytime when it was expected.

Sanyo Mirro is the second mobile phone released by Sprint, is an entry level clamshell phone, which integrates features such as: one internal 2.4-inch QVGA screen, built-in GPS chip, web browser, Bluetooth and camera with 1.3 megapixels.

You can get the Sanyo Mirro for free by Sprint, with two-year contract.

An exceptional telephone which we have evaluated, is the Sanyo Mirro. A telephone which is devised to be able compete with the market of this year. With size of 97 x 51 x 18 mm and with weight of only 111 g, this GSM phone has an interesting set of features. To be makers ensured 12.0 MB memory, enough your daily tasks! An attractive option of the Sanyo Mirro has the loudspeaker, which is for example very skilful in the car! The large baffle allows establishing images of 240 x 320 px. Sanyo built SCP-3810 with 72 agreements bel tone maker, so that you can devise thousands of ringtones. The game module to provide for the Sanyo Mirrohas been based on J2ME, so that you have to download games for yourself! Naturally, just like all other tel it supports the services of SMS and EMS messaging, MMS messaging so that you can send all kinds of multimedia files! The cellphone also has calendar, these are use very easily and

Sanyo rested its GSM from with telephone book which allows contact list of 300. The predictive text system have been based on T9 technology, which is very easily to use. THE GSM can be linked with computer with cable so that information can be exchanged very easily. We find that the Sanyo Mirro very interesting GSM phone.

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  1. The only bad thing about this besides the 12mb memory size is the limited bluetooth. I dont know if it is just boost mobile but the bluetooth is limited to mp3 only and also to sanyo phones. So if you have pictures you want you need to msg them to a real phone(smart phone/pda) and then remove them off that phone. Its good for someone who doesnt take alot of pictures or really want anything but a cell phone. No multi tasking or anything of the like.

  2. I love this phone. I just activated my Sanyo Mirro from Boost Mobile a little over a week ago. I live alone and have my HS Internet connection through cable. I have no need for a land line, but I need a solid phone on a network that works throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area. My Sanyo Mirro from Boost Mobile does that. My Samsung Cricket Phone did not.

    BTW, it is far from a “basic” phone

  3. I am pleased as apple pie wid me mirro. Boost is fine also .except in Eastern Washingto where i got no reception at all!

  4. First impressions, huh? OK , decent
    phone . . . Definitely NOT an “entry level” phonei!! Camera’s got decent resolution. System seems solid, but just got it yesterday, so there may an update, but it seems unlikely!!! :0)

  5. i’ve had this phone for about a month now and i love it. The features. The screen size. The memory. The net browser is decent too but i always use opera mini on all my phones. Personal prefference. I just wish i knew more download sites.

  6. THis phone is the worst phone ever. It claims that you can send photos to facebook but you cannot. It also does not download video handlers so everytime I get a jpeg or music text message the error message “need handler” comes up. The phone sucks-woth it to pay a little more for a smart phone.

  7. I take back my previous comments. This phone works GREAT IF and only IF you download Opera Mini onto it. This will allow you to post photos to facebook and download ringtones from
    I spent a half day researching how to make this phone work better. One easy anser-Opera mini.

  8. My daughter got this phone as a xmas gift and has problems sending says it is not supported or requests that she pays a dollar a day ! what? her previous phone did the job quite well. She has a boostmobile illimited text prepaid plan. Every text she tries to send end up in an email address, she cannot reply to text coming from my yahoo messenger, she cannot save the yahoo id in her phone, nothing all go into an email but she receives my emails as texts. I find it a nuisance to have to log into my yahoo email to answer her text every time I get a yahoo alert that an email/message arrived. Her previous phone used to pop open a box into my messenger. We used to communicate her cell phone into my messenger. I am trying to persuade her strongly to bring back that freaking phone, get a refund or an exchange or a better one. The only thing that is stopping is she got it as a gift . I am not happy one bit

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