Samsung Omnia 2 Review

The Samsung Omnia 2 smartphone is of exceptional quality as the other models of Omnia have already presented. Omnia 2 represents the will of Samsung to focus increasingly on smartphone with large touch screen display size. But aside from the 3.7-inch AMOLED display, the phone also has 5 megapixel camera with advanced photo features, support for DivX, integrated GPS and an impressive battery life. samsung omnia 2 review

The i8000 Samsung Omnia 2 is the successor of the successful Omnia phone. The Omnia 2 has Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system and it was later to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.5. But with this very sophisticated smartphone offers everyone great Samsung mobile phone, thanks Touchwiz 2.0. This is an adaptation of the user interface of Windows Mobile, the Samsung Omnia 2 so that makes the navigation faster and clearer than before.
Blazing Fast mobile internet

Users of the Samsung Omnia 2 enjoy mobile internet at high speed. The smartphone is in fact supported by HSDPA, which provides 3G compatibility. Receiving and sending e-mails or viewing movie on Youtube is so easy and quick, also thanks to the full-touch display, which is easy to operate with your fingers.

Furthermore, this phone equipped with WiFi, which connect to wireless networks. This can also save costs and time.
Moreover you can use the Samsung Omnia also 2 video calls. This is thanks to UMTS and HSDPA support.

Samsung Omnia 2 Software Video

Samsung Omnia has 5 megapixels digital camera. It can be nice and sharp pictures taken, but also videos. Video recording is with VGA resolution of 30 frames per second. The digital camera also features duel LED flash, so even in the dark pictures and videos can be made.
Another strength is that business users have the ability to text documents, spreadsheets or PowerPoint presentations to open. The function “organizer” is not lacking. With the Samsung Omnia 2 you always calendar and calculator at hand.
Furthermore you can use the multimedia player to play music and videos you want. Whether you prefer listening to the FM radio? Also you can.
Moreover, this mobile phone capable of GPS navigation, perfect for when you worry to your final destination to be monitored.

Samsung Omnia 2 Price

There are quite big differences in prices of Samsung Omnia 2 in stores. samsung omnia 2 price
The cost of cellphone subscription is much lower than the cost in case the Samsung Omnia 2 without subscription.
So the price range can vary from $199.95 – $549.95 US dollars.
Once the price of the Samsung Omnia 2 will change, we will let you know as soon as possible.

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