Samsung M8800 Pixon Review

The Samsung Pixon is touchscreen phone, somewhat similar to the LG Renoir. Like the LG, the unit has an 8-megapixel camera. What is new for me personally is that it is not smartphone. Since the Nokia 7650, I only walk around with Symbian and Windows Mobile devices . In addition to the camera, I will also examine the operation system in this review.

First things first, the major unpacking. As I am from Samsung, in particular the high-end devices packaged in beautiful black box. When open, your first encounter with the machine before you plethora of accessories arrives.


At the time the device was out, I was pleasantly surprised with the many accessories that were in it. In the box Saturday sufficient documentation to the Pixon start (something lacking in HTC unfortunately). In addition to the manual mach CD with drivers obviously not lacking. The CD is handy, small size as in the books easy to not. Useful in this way to keep everything together.

In addition to the books and CD, I found USB cable. In time of Bluetooth seems unnecessary, but let’s be honest, it’s still the most stable and fast connection. Samsung also provided 1GB memory card (MicroSD). Fun, but for those few plugs heat’s course as we have decent in 8GB. 1GB with 8MP is so full.

We also find in the box FM headset. Although the headset gives to any specific service numbers / channel change, he is able to control themselves in good unit to connect headphones. I was pleasantly surprised that the included headphones also have very warm sound.

Finally, I thought that one or other thing in lipgloss Saturday Not really cool at first sight. After the thing apart to that time, it was pull-out stylus to be. Well, still not really cool. The thing can not in the unit. The idea is that the thing to the unit must be secured through the loop on which it sits. To prevent the damaged unit, I decided not to use him (I was between my keys do not really agree male). How did that read you later.


The Samsung Pixon weighs 121 grams and varies in size is not that much with the HTC Touch Pro and the N95 (see photo above). Like the LG Renoir, the unit has 240×400 TFT Touchscreen. Like the HTC Touch, N96 and the iPhone, the device also has Accelerometer meters to improve the ease of use. The device next HSDPA and Bluetooth (v2.0), including bank GPS connection. The unit is also capable of pulling off DivX movies and kind of virtual surround sound is heard. With the right cables, it is also possible to use TV-out feature. Unfortunately, the necessary cables with the unit to which we are not next to the N96 for comparison. For those who want to use the radio, the unit also provides the RDS information.

Enough with the theory, time to test the device in practice. The principal is the 8-megapixel camera, so that we keep good as the last. We start with my favorite, the GPS. I have often to unknown addresses and therefore this functionality for me personally extremely important.

When I was party to the device, so I immediately packed my SIM card in it, and looked at the navigation. And that was just searching. Such an important feature of course I immediately expected in the main menu. However, this Saturday “Games and more. As with the Touch Pro Samsung Google Maps. A good choice although the real “navigation” in the Google Maps of course something to be desired. The added value of the options is that for me but good.

The sensitivity of the GPS antenna is pretty good. In the car, the signal received. The train is receiving less. Given train is large solid piece of metal, which may also best. The GPS functionality is what concerns me quite well.

At the launch party we were next to device, Bluetooth headset of Jabra. Connect with the headset was easy and the quality of the sound is fine. I tested the headset on the Pixon, HTC Touch and the N96. I could detect no difference in quality. Also in the range similar devices.

I also tried the Zeemote Bluetooth joystick on the unit. There is no software available. A programmer friendly patste its mobile game for me to take the right combination to test. A real scoop so MC. The blue tooth connection showed during session of + – 5 minutes no hesitation. Good work by Samsung.

In addition to the sound of BT headset, I also compared the speaker function. I must say that the Samsung Pixon I think most of the speakers are from the situation. The result is light and sometimes little resonance shrill sound. The N96 scores are better. However, the person on the other side to mean. During the normal call is just the sound is clear, as you might expect.

Ease of Operation
As I mentioned earlier, the Samsung stylus was not cool. I fear will lead to the problems with the operation of the unit, but was happy with giant. The unit is extremely “finger friendly” and it beats my HTC Touch Pro. Of all the annoyances that I have the Touch Pro when I use no stylus, I have not seen the Pixon. After week the stylus was single gray container of me. Here again congratulate Samsung.

Besides the way of operating, is also the rate of interest. Samsung also scored very well against the HTC Touch Pro. The menus and options, with about the same speed as that of the iPhone. So very comfortable. Accelerometer only when the meter is used for navigation between the photos (which more later) is the unit might be disconcerted. Well, perfect equipment, there are simply not present.

In addition to the touchscreen, the pixon different buttons on the edge of the device are. This should, in particular for the photo section, but also to unlock the device are important. Very clever of Samsung. The HTC Touch Pro also has buttons for the photography, but not to lock the screen to do and the final target. Again let Samsung thus see that the reflection on the ease of use of its equipment.

Operating System
Since 7650 I’m real lover smartphone. My entire life course, I already use Windows Mobile and Symbian S60 devices. I so scared of the very idea of the Pixon to review because I thought there was no love between me and the unit.

The Pixon quickly proved me wrong. The functionality was so complete that there was nothing that I would continue to search for software that could improve my experience. Something that with my other devices or otherwise.

The main screen of the device, like the Samsung Omnia to provide widgets. The Samsung Omnia is really Windows Mobile device and the interface is almost exactly reproduced. The rate is even much better. This shows that good on the Samsung unit has after thought.

In addition to photography, it is also capable of making movies. As with many other devices, the quality is not really rumble. Where Samsung scores again with the frame. That is high enough to be comfort to get to shoot movie.


Finally photography. This is by far the most important feature of the Pixon. The Pixon is hard to make the compact camera to replace. Because I do not have compact camera, in case he so against Canon D350 and D450.

The first plus point for Samsung is very quick. Samsung has the GPS unit for geotagging to add to the photos. That means that in case you have photo on Flickr, or one of the many other photo sites put on the map you can see when and where the photo was taken. For my SLR I need separate box for further away that I should go further synchronize.

Another feature that I did not (and frankly, not wrong) is “face detection” and its related “smile shot”. Both make it even easier for all to see and happily picture.

The unit also has “advanced shake reduction” or image stabalizer as Canon calls it. Essential for anyone in particular in nice gray picture would drop without the image is too grainy. That is smart addition of Samsung.

The lens Samsung very good. This is F2.6 f = 4.6mm. Adequate wide and therefore ideal in small spaces. The F2.6 is the light sensitivity very acceptable. My Nokia N96 started at F2.8 and the HTC Touch is even unknown to me. When it comes to night photography is real, let the unit, however, still fails.

What is it wrong? At the edge … 8 Megapixel is very nice. However, the zoom worthless in case it is not optically. That beats any compact camera above the € 99, – the Samsung Pixon. Very sorry! I must say that there are very few cameras with optical zoom. However, in case you look at the Canon smart solutions in the past has devised large zoom in small body to stabbing, there is still much as possible.

Another point where things go wrong, the way the files are stored. When you transfer to the PC, there is no information about when the photos were taken. Very sorry in case this is the way your photos managed. The device also saves the pictures in the correct perspective. Although the unit is vertical shots neatly upright, in the presentation, that the PC still manually place.

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