Samsung I8510 Innov8 Review

Samsung has impressed us more than once in the past year, and has the highest level proved that they deserve place as the world’s second largest mobile manufacturer. One of the highlights in the 2008’s has been testing the new Gt-I8510 Samsung cell phone.

There is not much to complain about this phone. This cellular is taking to the absolute total of wireless mobile technology, and gives you both GPS, super-3G and opportunities to connect to your wireless home network.

Array of new tools that make I8510 very well suited as work phone. Samsung has licensed the opportunity for Nokia S60 interface, which offers wealth of good planning and organization features.
Memory King

With 16 GB of memory should also be good to run out of space. This is as much as the new version of Apple iPhones 3G, and keep, for example, to just over 8,000 pictures taken with the integrated camera.

Samsung I8510 Innov8 Video Review

Is this not enough, you can double the memory capacity by purchasing memory card.

Despite smart operating system and wide range of new features, Samsung presents first and foremost I8510 as multimedia phone. This is the number of reasons.

Most, for example, been with him that the phone offers an eight-Megapixel camera. Now it’s other things that are more important than the number of megapixels, and it is clear that Samsung has done thorough job with all parts of Visuals. The images are top class compared with most other cell phones, and the result is good both in daylight and less suitable conditions.  There is no doubt that Samsung I8510 is one of the best phone cameras out there right now.

Taken with Samsung i8510
Samsung I8510 Photo Example

I8510 also has really good sound quality and video playback. When we first talk about the video, it is also worth mentioning that the phone can play movies in the Divx format, and that it does this very well. Despite the limited screen size of 2.8 inches, it is not hard to see the movie on your phone – without that we would try us on the 3-hour-titles.

The phone is otherwise high and sharp sound, really well at times bit sharp, sound of conversations. Combined with good battery life and the ability to keep coverage even with bad signal, making this phone suitable also for those who plan to use it to make calls – feature that is easy to forget in the lake of other features.

But all in all, it is difficult to find weaknesses with Samsung I8510 Innov8.

Samsung I8510 pros and cons

  • + All of the latest technology
  • + Good work phone
  • + Good camera
  • + Good for both film and music
  • + Good memory capacity
  • – High price

If you are looking similar-looking phone with little lower specs you should check out Nokia N95 mobile phone.

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