Samsung presented new smartphone that uses the Android operating system. It’s called Samsung Galaxy S.
It will be the new flagship of Samsung smartphones. It provides the opportunity for developers of advanced applications and new revenue streams for operators. Everyone will get benefit from this new device: starting from the consumer up to application developers and many global players who said they were ready to support the Galaxy S. One benefit “global” made possible by the merger of the best operating system technology and an innovative Samsung AndroidTM and all the services available, able to make this phone good one.
Featuring super bright 4-inch AMOLED display and 1 GHz processor, the new device is designed to offer an intense experience of use, intelligent and integrated with the power to enrich people’s lives through services and technologies at the top.

Samsung Galaxy S Design

The design of the Samsung Galaxy S looks good. The cell phone is very flat and there’s nice silver border around the display. At the back of the phone we find the 5 mgapixel camera. The back of the Samsung I9000 Galaxy S is made from special material that the phone luxurious feel.

Galaxy S internet usage
Since the birth of the Android operating system, the main focus of this operating system has always been on the internet services. This means that the Android phones, including in the Galaxy S, not only to surf the web, but many applications also use the Internet to retrieve content for example: Google Maps, Gmail, Google Talk and the YouTube.

Surfing the Web is also possible. The Samsung Galaxy S has an extensive and very user-friendly Internet browser. Web pages load quickly, and because the phone supports multi-touch, you can zoom in and out on web pages with two fingers on the screen.

Browsing and playback of Internet sites is very smooth and does not compete with the Apple iPhone, which as long as recently offered the ultimate Internet experience. Zoom in and out without going through any delay or impact than the Samsung Galaxy S has extensive 3G and WiFi support, it can almost always be used for fast data connection.

Samsung Galaxy S Video Review

Final verdict

Samsung Galaxy S brings people closer to the concept of the “smart life,” the usage of smartphone is simple and organized. It also has many integration possibilities with services and devices to enrich the lives of Samsung Galaxy S users.