For customers looking for an alternative to iPhone, AT & T may have found the perfect cellphone for them – the new Samsung Eternity.

For customers seeking for an alternative to iPhone, AT & T may have found the perfect device, the new Samsung Eteity, mobile phone is already available through the American telephone giant.
AT & T offers the Samsung Eternity at price of $ 149.99 after signing contract for two years.
Samsung Eternity belongs to the series of devices TouchWiz that the Korean company recently announced for the U.S. market.

TouchWiz incorporates widgets designed to allow users to customize the interface at will. Eternity The Samsung also has the Mobile TV service from AT & T, which offers content from CBS Mobile, CNBC, Fox News, FOX Mobile, Comedy Central, MTV, CNN Mobile and other providers.

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Eternity Samsung (SGH-A867) is an Internet-enabled mobile phone designed and marketed by Samsung Mobile. It uses touchscreen and has three buttons, send, end, and vice versa. It also has an accelerometer. This is used to turn the onscreen keyboard in QWERTY keyboard, gaming, image viewing, functions, etc. Eternity, in addition to being cell phone, even as camera phone, portable media player, messenger text, and full web browser and mobile e-mail client. It also has jack for headphones, and like most mobile phones, the volume controls on the side. E ‘for the network AT & T. The main screen has widgets that are mobile, such as email and texting. However, the user can not add or download new widgets is not included with the phone. The phone lacks Wi-Fi and camera flash.

samsung eternity

It comes with about ten pre-loaded ringtones and approximately seven pre-loaded text message. You can add media to the phone via USB cable or SanDisk card, card reader and memory card. The tones can in case you are able to create them, not more than 300 KB, the size and length limits significantly. It is an Internet-enabled and is able to purchase display, games and other media via the browser.

It has 3.0-megapixel camera. The camera interface includes several features such as color display (such as sepia, black and white, etc.), frames, sliding and text zoom. The device has the ability to incorporate video in the 3GPP format and higher quality MOV format.

As for the technical side, Samsung Eternity has the following features:
Connectivity quadband GSM / GPRS / EDGE, dual band HSDPA connectivity
a 3.2-inch TFT touchscreen display
Music Player
Email and IM
3-megapixel camera
microSD memorycard slot up to 8GB