Samsung Diva S7070 Review – A Touchscreen Ladyphone

Samsung has finally made official its new series of phones with the nickname Diva. How can immediately jump to the eye such models dedicated to the female audience predisposition to view the special attention to details and aesthetics , mirror surfaces and soft colors.

Samsung Diva is line of phones designed for the female audience. There are two models in the collection Diva, S7070 and S5150 Glowing Glam. The first is complete touchscreen phone, similar to the model Omnia 2, the second has the “regular” mobile. Both phones are very sophisticated in design, with polished and shiny. Smartphones series Samsung Diva will come on the market in January, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Here is our short review of Samsung Diva S7070:

The Samsung Diva S7070 also has design and specifications, which fully meet the demands of women.

Samsung S7070 Diva addition to these good specifications because very special design. The back of the phone has beautiful glare especially in the dark version wonderful effect. The Samsung S7070 is Diva is phone for fashion-conscious woman and wonderful accessory.

The elegant Samsung Diva S7070 has both beautiful design specifications to provide some fun. If you shoot the 3 megapixel camera with beautiful pictures and keep you always in the mobile phone in contact with your social network. The TouchWiz interface with mobile widgets is also another very user friendly. In this review you can read all about the strengths and weaknesses of the Samsung S7070 Diva.

It is always nice to have music at hand with this Samsung S7070 you can always listen to music. Whether you are doing through the new FM radio or MP3 player, the Samsung Diva always produces good sound. The phone is equipped with DNSe chip because that makes you sound modes such as Mega Bass, Concert hall, Music Wow HD clarity and can control.
new MP3 player on the Samsung S7070 Diva

Samsung MP3 player has given facelift and the Samsung S7070 Diva is the first mobile phone with this new MP3 player to use. As mentioned there is specific widget on the screen so that you can use the MP3 player directly. The player also plays video and is great with the touchscreen of the Samsung S7070 Diva operate.
There are also special keys on the side of the mobile phone made for adjusting the volume of the MP3 player can control.
FM radio of the Samsung S7070

The FM radio of the Samsung Diva has received an update. There is also widget to direct the radio to start. Samsung has also sent some nice features like the music recognition service, radio recording function and RDS. The only downside to the Samsung S7070 Diva is no 3.5 mm jack for your headset. You must use the supplied headset from Samsung.

In this review we have the qualities of the Samsung S7070 Diva described. The GSM is the first touchscreen phone made specifically for women on the market. Because Samsung Diva is the S7070 as specific target segment, we can not expect the same sales numbers as the Samsung Star met. However the handset has nice combination of design and specifications. If the price is low enough, the Samsung S7070 Diva certainly success.

4 thoughts on “Samsung Diva S7070 Review – A Touchscreen Ladyphone”

  1. Deze mobiel is erg irritant in vergelijking met andere smartphones.
    1:hij hangt heel vaak vas .
    2:de knopjes doen het om de havenklap niet.
    3:ziet in de zon niet wat op het scherm staat.
    4:heel duur per smsje.
    5:heeeeeeel wienig gehuegen.
    6:muziek en filmpjes nemen heel veel plaats in.
    7:LANG NIET ALLE SAMSUNGS ZIJN ZOO:) (de meesten samsung zijn heel goed hooor:)

    De voordelen van een samsung diva .:)

    1: het is een egte lady phone .
    2:verlijd je om hem te kopen.
    3:mooie foto’s.
    4:groot scherm.(dat is heel fijn)

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