Samsung C3050 Review

The complete technical specifications of C3050 plus an overview of all prices.

C3050 is new Samsung mobile phone model here is short review about it:

The clear lines and minimalist design of the C3050 that give subtle appearance ssamsung c3050 reviewlider, users will certainly speak with style. With the slim and ergonomic shape fits the phone very nicely in the hand and he slips effortlessly into your purse or pocket. This slider is not only super modern, but also highly functional. On the 2 “wide LCD display lets you see the contents of your phone very clearly.

Beautiful photos

With the built-in VGA camera of the C3050 you can pretty unexpected events now always capture. You can have great pictures and make them together into panoramic image.

That is music to the ears

The C3050 gives you the decision on your personal jukebox with your favorite bands, albums and songs. Transfer your favorite songs on microSD memory card and even set as background while using other applications on your phone. If you want to listen to the latest hits, set your FM radio, 24 hours day that music, news and information. In short, everywhere and always listen to your favorite music.

Samsung C3050 Specs

Display number of colors 0.262144 M
Resolution 128 x 160 pixels
TFT Display
Display diagonal 2.0 ”
Compatible memory cards microSD
21 MB internal memory
Maximum memory 8 GB
Flash card support so
Built-in camera Yes
VGA Camera Type
Camera Resolution 640 x 480 pixels
Digital Zoom 2 x
Connection Options
WAP 2.0
USB 2.0 port (s) 1
850, 900, 1800, 1900 MHz
E-mail ja
Recording Resolution 176 x 144 pixels
Video compression formats MPEG4, H.263
Up to 30 frames per second 15 fps
FM radio Yes
Polyphonic ringtones Yes
Supported Formats MP3
Music yes
Color Black
Weight and size
Weight 86 g
Width 97 mm
Depth 47.3 mm
Height 14.9 mm
Talk time 8 h
Standby time 340 h
Current supplied by the battery 800 mAh
Lithium-Ion Battery
Phone Features
No Smartphone
Data exchange
Infrared data port no
Bluetooth Yes
Phone Features
Java technology-ja
Data exchange
Bluetooth Version 2.0 + EDR
Phone Features
Slider Model
Call Management
Call Timer Yes
Phone Features
Conference call yes possible
Alarm Clock Yes
Calendar Yes
Calculator Yes
Notes ja
Stopwatch Yes
Countdown timer yes
Capacity 1000 phonebook entries
T9 text input Yes

17 thoughts on “Samsung C3050 Review”

  1. Like most phones these days the manual pre-supposes a great hi-tech knowledge as it’s only 2 sides of an A4 sheet. I’m middle aged and not really au fait with all the capabilities of this low cost feature packed phone.
    For the price it’s got more capabilities than anything else I found at this budget.
    However, (I’ve only had it a couple of days) the lack of a USB direct connection is a pain so I will have to study up. I still can’t figure out how to work the radio without plugging in the headphones. The headphone connection is not the standard 3.5mm jack so I’m expecting to pay a small fortune if I ever lose those supplied.
    The ringtone volume is pitiful and of the 20 installed ringtones, 18 are pure sonic diarrhoea. I would be ashamed to be heard being called in public with them.
    The camera is more of an extra feature than anything serious.
    I’m really more of a talk and text man than phone freak but for the price (£25 after top-ups and subtracting the woth of free time supplied) I really can’t beef.
    The zeros on the phone numbers (but not the clock) have a diagonal type slash so they look like 8s. Very confusing if your sight isn’t great.
    As a low-tech guy it’s hard for me to really judge all the possibilities but I give it only 1 point for usability as the ringer volume, non-standard headphone jack, vomit inducing tones, “trendy” zeros and manual let it down.

    But hell, for the price I can’t complain!

  2. I have recently swapped my knackered Motorola L7 for a Samsung C3050. I liked the styling and its features which were listed on my provider’s website.

    The box the new phone came in was just slightly bigger than a large matchbox – this was an important clue.

    This phone doesn’t come with anything except a headset. No memory card, no USB cable – no USB connection even.

    Then there’s the screen. Sure, it’s quite big but the image quality is nasty. The one on my old phone is much, much better.

    The menu graphics designer was obviously locked up in a room since 1992 when Windows 3.1 hit the market. The camera is woeful – why fit one in the first place, when the picures it takes look like something I drew in Paint? And supposedly it can even capture a video. Again – why?

    And then we come to the most annoying thing. In the past few years we have seen our mobile phones become miniature computers, which can connect to the internet and can pretty much do everything except make our morning coffee. But what we expect most of all from a mobile phone is for it to be able to make a call. This phone is not able to do that. My friend coming through its speaker sounded like he was in the most ferocious blizzard with a potato shoved down his throat. Really, it was that bad.

    So, if you want a basic phone, get yourself an old Motorola L7. I’ll be keeping mine til it dies.

  3. i bought a samsung c3050 from carphone warehouse i had it about 12 hours i had to return it. it was over heeting when charging then just shutdown after that i got a replacement today and that has donr the same im not happy with this phone i am going to report it to samsung i think it must be a faulty phone as i have 2 in 2 days will NOT be getting another one

  4. The phones garbage. Even at the price you can get it for now its total rubbish.

    No way to turn off tones when messaging even in silent.
    Pictures taken with the camera cannot be set as wall paper as they cannot be rotated to the right aspect.
    The display is cheap and very low resolution reminds me of a 5 year old motorola I once had.

    Usb connection is awkward to get to as you can see above some people can’t even find it.

    This is the worst phone I have seen come out this year it is three years behind the times and two years behind samsungs own d900I

  5. Have to agree with you guy’s on all points, the phone is pure unadulterated rubbish, i’ve thrown BETTER phones in the bin.

    Connect your phone to the computer and it will be seen as a harddrive (DUH!!) and then you cannot do anything at all, no way can you see what’s on the phone. points out of 10? Mmm, -20 sounds about right.

  6. Best phone ive ever had…. MUCH better than the piece of ABSOULUTE shite sharp gx29 i had… Never crashes, good pics , DOESNT OVERHEAT, works great no problems have had it for about a month now. Bought it in the 02 shop,great buy.

  7. I have just traded in my high tech Samsung M8800 pixon touchscreen phone, in order to get this Samusung C3050.

    The camera on this phone is a bit primative in comparison to my old Pixon [8mega pixel] and the screen is a lot less clear. I`m not too disappointed with the picture quality however as I have a good digital camera. My real gripe with my old phone was the battery life, my old phone didn’t last for a day.

    I am really happy with this phone, however, the battery lasts and lasts, up to 5 days, like my old Samsung G600. It is a good versatile phone for texting and calling, I find it easier to text with this than with my old touchscreen phone…I`m a real texter too, so I couldn’t cope with the touch screen

    So, marks out of 10, I’d make it and 8 or 9, I`m happy with the phone completely, plus I have about 5 chargers for it, cos my last 4 or 5 phones have had the same charger!!

    It looks smart and a lot more expensive than it actually is.

    Made a pretty penny on trading my piece of crap gadgety phone 🙂

    No downsides, really! If you’re not after a technical gadgety phone then this is perfect, and cheap too!!

  8. i have just got this phone today and am loving the sleek and smooth desighn but unlocking it is a pain in the ass no one will do it as its not to populur and it did not come with a usb what a p*** take not to happy that i need headphones for the radio and the limited memorie is a down side i just like he fact it looks expensive 4/10

    for those who cant have been very good at maths -20 out of te isnt possible 😀

  9. I bought this phone at Carphone warehouse in the UK while traveling there recently. For the price I am very happy with the phone. Features I particularly like are that I can display the time in two timezones, Can store multiple numbers under each name, long battery life, it came unlocked, Sim card is easy to change, the slide lock function prevents phantom calls when in my pocket and the FM radio with RDS. I used it with O2 while in the UK and now using it on T-Mobile network in the US. The only negatives I have is the headset and the fact that the radio does not work unless the headset is plugged in.

  10. i recently bought a Samsung c3050 and i find it interesting with its great features and i am glad to own a gr8 mobile lyk this

  11. its good if you want a low budget phone that you can text and ring off of, but has a rubish camera, the internet is slow and the battery goes extremely quickly if you listen to music!

  12. That isnt a review, that’s a salesman’s speech.

    The C3050 is terrible in its actual use in my opinion. Alot of this is from the design of the GUI

    The phone’s inbuilt switch on the slide feature activates after about 20% of the movement when opening the phone. (Say 1cm of slide). This makes it EXTREMELY easy to hang up on people just by pulling the phone out of your pocket.

    When typing a text message, the button right next to backspace (very easy to hit accidentally) opens a menu that has ‘exit without saving’ as the first option. The amount of long texts I’ve had deleted on me just before sending… Drives me insane. If they had that option second, and “save and exit” as the first option, this wouldn’t be an issue.

    IT VIBRATES! It LOVES to vibrate! The manufacturers even thought it was a GREAT idea to make the phone vibrate every 10 minutes to alert you that it’s on low battery. But the warning only appears for a split second, so by the time you pull the phone out of your pocket, you see no ‘low battery’ warning and are left thinking you’re imagining it.

    Last, and certainly not least, is the design of the charger.
    Samgsung have obviously spent some effort in making this charger low profile, so it doesnt get in the way of other plugs.
    They then went and spent more money on making their low profile charger entirely pointless, by adding 1-inch long little plastic flaps to the sides and top of the charger. What’s the purpose of these may you ask?

    Not a clue at all. As far as I can tell, the only reason they must be there is to annoy people, because I can’t see a single use for them.

    I ended up grabbing a hacksaw blade and cutting these flaps off my charger.

    The MP3 player has SUCH a low output that you can only hear music in a very, very quiet room. If you plan on using it, get a headphone amplifier. Though its probably easier just to buy a whole new MP3 player with an output level that actually makes sense.


    It’s a piece of shit.
    The reviewer has given it as much of a review as someone could by looking at a plastic dummy phone in a store.

    This phone looks good, but it’s TERRIBLE.

  13. For 15 pounds at Carphone Warehouse, it is an unlocked 4 band phone. Don’t even know much of the features – but who cares. When you travel you can swap around SIM cards, and when you are not travelling, get a better phone! ps I would love to know where the USB connection is though…..

  14. i have this phone for a year now im quite satisfied but it sometimes act weird like switching off all of a sudden screen goes white, keypad stays on for nothing even if lock and screen is off the keypad stays on.. after 2 or 3 days problems gone, its likely repairs itself.. what i hate is the inbox for texting is very small and useless buying sd for him for text msgs and the pics 2.7* for a vga its ok.. it doesnt have voice dialing and battery life is good. over all rating is 3* star

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  16. sucks niggerjewballs and anyone involvd in making this can burn in hell

    i mean the battery is short, the menu is like 4 years old, internet is slow, how do i fucking turn off T9, i rang moi mate and i could bearly fucking hear him – what kind of phone cant do the basics right?

    whoever made this LIE of a review about this paperweight that claims to be a phone was probably paid or someting

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