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We are now doing something bit different and are writing review of mobile phone that is produced by Sagem. Sagem is not so famous for its mobile phones as it is in the internet router market, but let’s have look, what this model has to offer:

Appearance – The phone is really beautiful. Reflective black front panel creates button with the reflective mirror surface. It is available in three colours: the black side of gray, black with burgundy and white side of the aquamarine aquamarine flower side. Back of the phone is very simple, there is only camera lens. The dimensions of this phone are 103 × 45x14mm. The phone is light and handy. The screen has size of 128 × 160 pixels. For me the best presents itself in black finish. Housing is holding up very strongly, so the phone does not fall apart too easily and we will not have backlash as the old Sagem.

Menu – Sagem has really tried. The new menu is extraordinary! Everything looks modern in it, due to new graphic style and modern glass icons on the navigation system options. Menu has three themes: red – black seledynowo – silver and purple – silver. The layout is as follows:

Games, Internet-ons;
Camera, Messaging, Multimedia;
Player, Phone Book, settings;

Let’s start first of all from the fact that this is music phone. Therefore, we start from the important features, MP3-ójek. The quality of their music is good and with better quality recordings will be satisfied with letting go of it over the loudspeaker. The real fun, however, make us listen through headphones. There is bit better quality. Built-in phone memory is 13MB, but the phone has slot for microSD memory cards, so we can zoom up to 2GB. More about listening to music equipment. Now little about other options. The phone has better than even the my401X VGA camera with 4x smooth zoom effects and high quality. Maximum resolution for our image is 640 × 480 Webcam mile surprised me. The cage was my401X, and it was rather “animated” than the video. Here, the camera turns liquid films, tell more, you can use it even with the zoom while recording. Speaking of painting, wallpaper is really interesting, pleasing to the eye and everyone will find among them something for themselves. Displays on your phone – now the standard at this moment – the screen images in 65 thousand colors. Bells also very well fall through 32 voice polyphony, and of course MP3-jkom. Other important options to add Bluetooth, SyncML function, and two interesting games.
Handset can act as stereo headset. Some basic features like stopwatch and alarm clock are also developed.

Backlit in blue, as in all current Sagemach. In the dark there is no question of lack of visibility of any of the keys. Passes and sign on the keyboard are simple, but by the very modernist. Similarly, as regards their shape. Their size may deter, but they are pressed firmly on the other hand very flexibly – do not feel like we benefited from the old calculator. All buttons are easily accessible. As you can see the navigation are two programmable buttons, crusader code and OK. On the left side we find three buttons: (1) player / play / pause, (2) louder, (3) quieter.

And here Sagem not limited. In addition to the set standards, such as whether the user can find the charger very good headset and microSD card with 256MB! (The memory card is added depending on the network. If the network does not offer that it is not.) Just like all decent phones. It is noteworthy that Sagem has changed the plug into the charger and headphones for better holding in the connector.

Accessories – Of course, another pair of headphones, memory cards and chargers. Unfortunately, there is no removable enclosure.

Sagem is very good phone for anyone who ever dreamed of Mp3-JCE in the phone, while huge step forward from the Sagem to catch up with other manufacturers. Finally, this phone is very cheap (as in these parameters). I think not even the best pictures, or small number of colors does not deter potential buyers.

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    i m tariq m from pakistan just i need LCD of *sagem my411x) please somebody tell me where i got it. bcz i has distriod LCD of my SAGEm my411x please sombody help me i m facing many problems. my contect number is
    or if u from other country so diled 00923455762498

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